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  • Imp Ster
    hi Pat, (and all ye FoD faithful!) - thanks for your kind and gracious note of concern. yes it is hard to face leaving my ancestral home after all these
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2004
      hi Pat, (and all ye FoD faithful!) -
      thanks for your kind and gracious note of concern.

      yes it is hard to face leaving my "ancestral" home after all these
      years spent here - i have watched Bekky raise so many fawns now that
      its hard to count - easily 10 fawns over the years even tho many
      didnt make it - but i still get semi-regular visits from her older
      children, 2 doelings and 2 buklings who recognise me and actualy come
      out of the woods towards me if i am offering goodies...
      yes it will be difficult to deal with leaving them behind, as i know
      this section of woods is on the chopping block, never mind the
      sadistic poachers and "sharpshooters" crawling out from under their
      evil rocks on occasion - and my perennial poverty allows no mad
      schemes such as relocating them to a safer patch of woods, or a deer-
      dedicated refuge somewhere..

      but dont worry about my internet presence.
      i am quite the virtual troll these days it seems - indeed a major
      part of my own "mad scheme" is to set up my CPU in the buss, with a
      few webcams looking over my shoulder as i drive, and offer visitors
      to my web complex a rolling webcast of my itinerant travels, with my
      usual sardonic and witty commentary enlivening the proceedings, and
      also featuring samples of my original music (digitised into online
      archives but also performed on occasion live in various attractive
      venues along the "way")... i believe its called "busking".
      who knows, i may be the first to offer a virtual busking buss haha.
      such are the mad plans of da imp in winter.

      however if Fortune favors me in such an endeavor, i may yet decipher
      a way to bring Bekky and her small herd into a new "promised land".
      i made that same promise to the original Mogget Goat long ago; sadly
      never realised, but in later years i was able to bring other goats
      along on my wild west jaunts and they sure enjoyed it!
      now i only have this one Wm Goat, a flatlander from his get-go, who
      has never seen the imposing mountains or the deep valleys or the high
      and lonely places, indeed he has hardly even seen any other goats
      besides his nanny and that was long ago.
      so we are bound for the Black Hills as a conditional
      preliminary "Destination", where Wm can see other goats both domestic
      and wild, as well as sundry bighorns and hosses, lammas etc.
      maybe let him experience the joys of actual packing.

      be assured you will find regular updates coming exclusively to FoD!


      --- In friendsofdeer@yahoogroups.com, "Pat Scala" <patscala@e...>
      > Imp Ster,
      What is going to happen to Becky?

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