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Ted Nugent's TV targets include pigs and a hapless goat

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  • Imp Ster
    Goat Friends · Journey to the Rainbow Bridge From: Imp Ster Date: Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:25 am Subject: a goat is shot among Ted Nugents s TV targets
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2003
      Goat Friends · Journey to the Rainbow Bridge

      From: "Imp Ster"
      Date: Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:25 am
      Subject: a goat is shot among Ted Nugents's TV targets


      To: VH1

      This petition will be forwarded to VH1, to let them know that we will
      not give up until the barbaric, cruel and evil ignorant that is Ted
      Nugent, is taken off the air.

      VH1 regularly airs the `Ted Nugent' show in which animals are
      brutally and callously slaughtered, all in the name
      of `entertainment'. In a time when we call ourselves `civilised'
      and `intelligent' beings, it is a travesty that such acts can be
      Ted Nugent publicly boasts of his torture, slaughter, cruelty, and
      violation of animal life. He publicly takes sadistic pleasure in the
      extreme suffering of others. The world needs less people like this.
      For VH1 to show such horrific and barbaric scenes is unacceptable.

      "...unethical," says Mr. Caires, who was angered after he took Nugent
      out on a hunt in April. "He shoots at anything," Mr. Cairnes
      claims. "You should kill what you can use. He just likes to kill a
      lot of animals." (Cairnes is a hunting guide who takes people out to
      stab wild pigs in Hawaii) - The Wall Street Journal , July 25,
      1995, 'Why Sit on the Beach When You Could Stab a Wild Pig?

      These are quotes from Ted Nugent himself:

      "... First thing I slayed...I was nine years old. It was a squirrel,
      these ladies were feeding it, you know, and I said, 'excuse me, bam.'
      No it wasn't a pet squirrel. I had it stuffed and petted it for years
      after that." - WRIF-FM, Detroit, Ted Nugent as guest D.J., September
      26, 1991

      Whacking is a term Nugent uses to describe what he does to his prey
      with bow and arrow. Whack 'em and stack 'em,' he says. - Detroit Free
      Press Magazine , July 15, 1990

      Participants pay the Renegade Ranch (a fenced in, 300-acre canned
      hunting recreation area) for the animals they kill - anywhere from
      $500 for a wild boar to $5,500 for a six-point elk. Nugent tacks on a
      $250 fee for serving as celebrity guide. - Detroit Free Press
      Magazine , July 15, 1990

      "I don't hunt for sport, I don't hunt for recreation, I don't hunt
      for meat, I hunt to hunt ..." - Detroit Free Press , p. 12D, April
      17, 1989

      Ted Nugent's Down to Earth, promises raw, unedited footage of
      America's no. 1 rock 'n' roll bowhunter as he whacks 'em and
      stacks 'em. Nor was it hyperbole. In the first 10 minutes, viewers
      got bird's-eye of broadheads fatally piercing such fearsome creatures
      as an armadillo, a squirrel perched in a tree, some pigs and a
      goat. 'I love that part,' said the glinty-eyed Nugent after running
      death scenes in sequence. 'Let's see it again.' And the appalling
      whack 'em and stack 'em compendium ran all over in slow-motion
      replay. - The Washington Post , Recreation Section, September 23,

      Nobody hunts just to put meat on the table because it's too
      expensive, time consuming and extremely inconsistent. - Ted Nugent's
      World Bowhunters Magazine , Volume 1/ Number 3, March/April 1990, p.7

      "On my first bowhunt on the property a few years back, I was on my
      own for twenty-two days and killed an amazing thirty-three head of
      big game. I'm surprised I even came home. I was in heaven." - Ted
      Nugent's World Bowhunters Magazine , Volume 1/ Number 3, March/April
      1990, p.15

      "... My deer were put here on the earth. God even said, 'Hey Ted,
      whack 'em.' He said this, right in the bible, Genesis, 'Dear Ted,
      whack me a buck ...'" - WRIF-FM, Detroit, Ted Nugent as guest D.J.,
      Sept. 24, 1991

      "I contribute to the dead of winter and the moans of silence, blood
      trails are music to my ears ... I'm a gut pile addict ... The pig
      didn't know I was there ... it's my kick ... I love shafting
      animals ... it's rock 'n' roll power." - Ted Nugent's World
      Bowhunters Magazine , Volume 1/Number 4, May 1990, p.12


      "The first thing I do is be sure to cut the entire head off the
      animal I wish to bleach and/or paint Most butchers saw the skull
      plate off at the base of the antlers, thus eliminating the major
      skull section that we desire. Since I butcher most of my own deer and
      big game, I take special pride in the personal handling of all the
      precious by-products of my kills. I cut the head off at the base of
      the skull and begin the meticulous task of skinning and fleshing the
      entire skull down to the minimal meat and bare bone. I will actually
      scrape the remaining flesh from the skull bone with the edge of my
      knife blade, but stop short of taking any actual skull material. ...
      Hunt on. Kill on. Eat on. Paint on. Live on."

      We need to let VH1 know that we will not tolerate such evil, and that
      we do not wish them to allow Ted Nugent to brainwash our children
      with his Neanderthal-like primitive sadism.


      The Undersigned


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