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Re: Dead group?

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  • kevindjohnsen
    I am definatly not killing deer, for many reasons including I rarely eat meat at all. I simply can t stand the idea of killing animals. Well, about deer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2001
      I am definatly not killing deer, for many reasons
      including I rarely eat meat at all. I simply can't stand
      the idea of killing animals.<br>Well, about deer
      control, if we had more control over the human population
      everything would be easier, but most people feel its their
      right and responsibility too have as many kids as they
      can, which I personally feel is insane. I am starting
      too think that anyone that has two kids should be
      required to be spaid/nuttered. Either that or at least
      with taxes, the first child yer taxes go down, and yer
      second child yer taxes go back too normal, and any kids
      more then that your taxes go up by 5% to 10% PER
      kid... Would solve so many problems in this country.
      Espically seeing that liberal's seem to think taxes arn not
      high enough, this would drastically increase taxes on
      people. Which would make Democrats happy in
      someways.<br>Although being a Registered voting Libertarian (yea thats
      even more "right wing" then Republicans) I tend not
      too like most things dealing with any kind of big
      goverment. I am not melita member, I am not that radical,
      although I am VERY pro-Gun and Anti-Big
      Goverment.<br><br>Well, seeing that there are extremly few actual roads
      up here its only certain times a year when "large
      wild animals" are on the roads. We more have a problem
      with moose here then any smaller member of the deer
      family. The two roads that go north have a small problem
      with Cariboo. The thing with moose, being they are the
      size of horses, you would think people would be more
      careful. Lots of people have died hitting moose. Every
      year in area valley around 200 too 300 moose die by
      getting hit by cars, they keep track of every one. Mainly
      because there is a major accident report every time, and
      they have too have someone come and take away the
      body, they take the body and process them and give the
      meat too poor familes in the area.<br>ITs insane some
      time on the highway, there will be a moose standing
      along the side of the highway definatly looking like
      its wanting too cross... And people will be driving
      past it still doing full highway speed. And then their
      surprised when it steps out in front of them, stupid
      fliping morons.<br>Our area would be ideal for sitka
      black-tailed deer, and their not that far away now, been
      migrating farther north the past few years because of the
      mild winters lately. As soon as they get here I am
      certain the number of animal kills is going to skyrocket.
      We have the only section of truly "Freeway" in the
      state, its around 50 miles long running from the valley
      into anchorage. All the rest of the roads in the
      entire state are narrow two lane highways and people
      tend to drive slower.<br><br>Most people tend not too
      really understand the size and population density in
      Alaska. This state is a little more then twice the size
      of Texas, and we have less people in the entire
      state then there is in "small cities" in the lower 48,
      there is only around 600,000 people in the state, and
      400,000 of them live within 100 miles of here. If you
      averaged the entire population with the size of the entire
      state, there is less then one person per square mile.
      But thats not really acurate seeing that most of the
      people live within a few small area, like around
      Anchorage and Fairbanks and Juneu. There are many places in
      Alaska were you go fly out too and be the only human
      within a hundred miles, litterly. Only 3 roads here,
      something like 1% of this state is accessable by road, the
      reast you have to go by boat or plane, so not worried
      about the bush areas exploding in population, life up
      here is EXPENSIVE and can be very hard. Some of the
      most beautyful land in the world, I have seen things
      that defy description. Coming from Illinois and having
      traveled most of the lower48 I still havn't even see
      nothing that even could compare too what I have seen up
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