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  • patscala
    In today s Courier-News (Bridgewater, NJ), 10/4/00, Our Opinion Section, the paper writes: Here s something for deer-hunt proponents in New Jersey to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000
      In today's Courier-News (Bridgewater, NJ),
      10/4/00, "Our Opinion" Section, the paper
      writes:<br><br>"Here's something for deer-hunt proponents in New Jersey
      to chew on--killing off deer will actually increase
      the deer population. <br>"Impossible? Not according
      to a biologist who spoke to the public Monday in
      Princeton--a community which has become a focal point of
      the<br>controversy surrounding efforts to control the state's
      exploding deer population. <br>"Princeton is among the very
      few communities considering hiring professional
      sharpshooters with rifles and silencers to hunt down deer--a
      disturbing enough prospect by itself. But now comes an
      expert who suggests that such a deer hunt won't do the
      job anyway, leaving a healthier environment for
      surviving deer that will stimulate birth rates. "Now we
      should point out that the expert--a biologist from a
      community college in Pennsylvania--was in Princeton at the
      invitation of animal-rights groups. And other experts
      challenge his theories, saying that a higher birth rate
      won't make up for the number of deer lost in a
      significant hunt. "Still, even the possibility that a hunt
      could exacerbate the deer population problem adds more
      ammunition to the argument that nonlethal means of deer
      control are preferable."
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