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Oxford man charged in deer killing

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  • pat scala
    Suspects allegedly mutilated animal, sent pics to inmate COVINGTON — A Gwinnett County case involving the mutilation of an 8-month-old deer took place in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2010
      Suspects allegedly mutilated animal, sent pics to inmate

      COVINGTON — A Gwinnett County case involving the mutilation of an 8-month-old
      deer took place in the garage of an Oxford man living in Stone Lea subdivision
      off Macedonia Church Road in Newton County, the Citizen has learned.
      The killing of the deer was revealed when Stanley Hugh Ivy, 42, of Lawrenceville
      sent four postcards to his fiancee, an inmate in the Gwinnett County Jail, which
      graphically depicted the crime.
      “We confiscated the pictures when they came through the mail,” said Gwinnett
      County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Stacey Bourbonnais.
      A press release from Bourbonnais stated the photos showed the deer “being led on
      a leash, then with what appeared to be some type of stab wounds and next
      mutilated and decapitated.
      “Mr. Ivy wrote on each postcard about how he stabbed and choked the young animal
      to death and went on to describe himself as a ‘predator’ in the cards,” the
      release states.
      Gwinnett authorities contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources
      concerning the case. DNR Ranger Eric Sanders assisted in the investigation.
      Deputies approached Ivy at the probation office where he was meeting with his
      probation officer on Wednesday, Bourbonnais said. “He told deputies that he sent
      the cards, but he wasn’t the one who hurt the deer,” she said.
      Sanders said he also questioned Ivy, who told him he sent the pictures, but his
      cousin actually killed the deer in Newton County.
      “I asked him where I could find his cousin, and he said, “He’s outside in the
      car,” Sanders said.
      The cousin, Orvie B. Crawford, 39, of Oxford was found waiting in a vehicle
      outside the Gwinnett County probation office. He was discovered to be in
      possession of methamphetamine with a .45-caliber handgun sitting on the seat
      beside him, Sanders said.
      According to Sanders, Crawford readily admitted to killing the deer.
      “He said there was a lady in the neighborhood who had a deer in her yard and it
      was following her around,” Sanders said. “Orvie took a rope and wrapped it
      around the neck of the deer and took it inside his garage. He said he was going
      to give the deer to the Yellow River Game Ranch, but the deer went ballistic and
      started tearing up his garage so he took a pistol and shot him and killed him.”
      Sanders said he then apparently sent the photos to his cousin, who sent them to
      his fiancee, giving graphic descriptions of killing and mutilating the deer.
      Both men face charges in Gwinnett County.
      Ivy was charged with possession of illegally taken wildlife, hunting big game
      without a license, probation violation, animal cruelty and possession of a
      firearm by a convicted felon. He is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail
      without bond.
      Crawford was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of a
      weapon during the commission of a felony in Gwinnett County. Sanders charged him
      in Newton County with cruelty to animals/wildlife, hunting without a license,
      hunting without a big game license and possession of illegally taken wildlife.
      “I charged him with cruelty because he put a rope around the deer’s neck, held
      it and shot it,” Sanders said, adding that the crime took place sometime during
      the week of Thanksgiving, based on the postmark on the postcards sent to the
      Posted: 11:17 PM Dec 9, 2010
      Reporter: By Barbara Knowles, News Editor
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