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Fawn rescued from storm drain in Watchung, NJ

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  • Pat Scala
    See the below article, about the rescue of a fawn, by the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments in Watchung, NJ. Let s use this wonderful incident to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2008
      See the below article, about the rescue of a fawn, by the Police, Fire, and
      Public Works departments in Watchung, NJ. Let's use this wonderful incident
      to speak out for the deer.

      Note that Watchung is an upper-crust town that has slaughtered deer for
      years (go to <http://watchungnj.com/> http://watchungnj.com/ and click on
      "Deer Management Program"). They have been given plenty of data, from
      activists--myself included--over the years, about why hunting is not a

      Please send letters to the editor, comparing the below story and beautiful
      photo (if photo does not come through, go to the online article) to the
      killing of deer. Ask if this beautiful baby, who has just been saved, will
      soon be killed by one of NJ's drooling Fudds (use your own words).

      If you would like to let the Mayor and Councilmembers know what you think,
      POLITELY contact them at:

      aellis@...; tfranklin@...; sblack@...;
      gmobus@...; djoren@...; spote@...;
      wnehls@... I recall that Councilmember Joren was opposed to the
      hunt, but do not know if she has remained so. So be polite, since I do not
      know which of the above support the slaughter and which do not.

      POLITELY thank the Department of Public Works (publicworks@...),
      the Police Department, and the Fire Department for saving this baby. The
      Fire Department is obviously proud of rescuing the fawn, since they link to
      the article from their website.I could not find an e-mail address or FAX for
      the Police or Fire Departments, but you can send them letters to the below
      snail mail addresses. I would think you could also ask the Watchung Town
      Clerk, Laureen Fellin, to forward e-mails to them. Contact her at:

      Watchung Fire Department

      Watchung Municipal Building

      57 Mountain Boulevard
      Watchung, NJ 07069

      Watchung Police Department
      880 Somerset Street
      Watchung, NJ 07069

      POLITELY, thank the Departments of Public Works, Fire, and Police for
      bravely saving this baby, but ask them how they would feel if this baby gets
      killed in one of Watchung's Deer Management Program slaughters. Now that
      they have held this precious life in their hands, ask them to speak out
      against lethal deer management, and briefly let them know why hunting is
      counter-productive, in addition to being cruel.


      This is one of those crappy sites that hosts more than one paper and does
      not make it clear which paper the story came from. So, please send letters
      to both the Courier News (cnletters@...) and to the Home
      News Tribune (mkuhn@...).


      [you can post online comments]

      7&Category=NEWS&ArtNo=80807055&Ref=AR> photo

      Submitted photo

      Captain Pete Landis holds a fawn rescued from a Watchung storm drain.

      Fawn rescued from storm drain in Watchung

      By LINDA SADLOUSKOS . STAFF WRITER . August 7, 2008

      WATCHUNG -A fawn who wandered into the municipal storm drainage system
      through a concrete basin on Stirling Road ended up stuck in a storm drain on
      Valley Road before being rescued Thursday by a contingency of local
      firefighters, police and public works employees.

      Police and other rescuers found the young deer in a drain off Valley Road
      shortly after 3 p.m., said police Sgt. Gene McAllister. Police had been
      alerted by phone calls
      /80807055> from worried residents, he said.

      "He could have been down there for a while,'' McAllister said.

      The fawn had apparently wandered through a tunnel in the system for about 30
      feet before ending up in the storm drain, said firefighter Scott Otto.

      McAllister said public works employees used a backhoe to remove the grate
      from the storm drain on Valley Road, allowing firefighters to drop in.

      The firefighters chased the fawn back to the concrete basin off Stirling
      Road, where it had entered the system, Otto said. Firefighters helped guide
      the fawn back through the tunnel by gently spraying the animal, Otto said.

      Fire Capt. Pete Landis grabbed the baby deer when it emerged again, Otto
      said. Capt. Jeff Meyer was also lowered down to rescue the animal, he said.

      After the rescue, Otto said, "We took him to a further location and let him
      loose in the woods.''

      Fire Chief Jim DiPaolo, Assistant Chief Skip Bell and firefighters Tom
      Carlucci Sr. and Shane Bell also assisted in the rescue, according to the
      fire department.

      McAllister said the concrete drainage basin where the fawn entered the
      system is on the property of an office building.

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