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  • madspooker
    Hello,my name is Norma,I live in WV.I m an avid animal lover ,always taking in strays and doing all I can to help any animals wild or domestic.Well,2 days ago
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      Hello,my name is Norma,I live in WV.I'm an avid animal lover ,always
      taking in strays and doing all I can to help any animals wild or
      domestic.Well,2 days ago as I was walking my 2 poodles I heard a cry
      coming from below the hill,I saw two dogs ,a Corgi and a Beagle mix
      that were kind of following us run down the hill so I hurried over and
      and found them attacking a fawn.I wrapped my poodles leash around a
      little tree and half slid,ran and jumped down the embankment.I knocked
      the Corgi off the fawn and picked it up,it was unhurt since the Corgi
      was to small to hurt it that quickly,then to my right another fawn
      stood up,the beagle was heading its way,and a whack him with a rock
      and run over and grab this fawn too.So now,here I am,holding 2
      fawns,with 2 dogs still trying to nip at them,I only have on one
      sandal as I lost the other heading down the hill,and I must climb a 20
      ft. steep,damp embankment,somehow I made it,and got my poodles,putting
      the loop of their leash around my wrist.I must have looked a sight
      walking home with two fawns in my arms,one she on,all muddy,dragging
      along 2 poodles and with the neighbor's two dogs still trying to leap
      up and nip,my poodles trying to fend them off.I make it to the house
      and put the fawns in the pet room.Neither is hurt and they are both
      very young with the umbilical cord stump still bloody. I get on the
      net,not fast enough,call the WV.dept of wildlife,who said to put them
      back even though I explained to the guy this hollow is full of free
      roaming dogs and now two of em know where to look ! He said there were
      two many deer already and i could raise them if I wanted but they will
      grow into trouble because they will not fear people.I call the
      livestock vet who told me to get Save A Kid goat milk re-placer and
      how much to feed and how often,he told me about sours,and electrlytes
      sp and things I didn't know about,and about rubbing them down so they
      eliminate waste which I knew from raising orphaned puppies a few
      times.So now I have these sweet little fawns,a doe and a stag,the stag
      is smaller and the weakest and can not walk very well,the doe is doing
      fine,follows me around the pet room.I will need to find a home for
      them though,I don't own enough land to keep them safe from hunters and
      there all these dogs running loose too.So far I cant find anyone who
      will take them,no petting zoos, no refuge,nothing. If anybody knows of
      a place I could contact please let me know,i will even finish their
      bottle feeding,I just want them to go where they will be able to run
      around and not end up with their heads on some wall. Thanks for
      listening to my story,sorry its so long. Norma
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