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One More Call to Help the Point Reyes Deer

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  • Pat Scala
    Dear Ella, Thanks to your help, Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Speaker Pelosi are looking closely at the Point Reyes Fallow and Axis Deer issue. Your
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2008
      Dear Ella,

      Thanks to your help, Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Speaker

      Pelosi are looking closely at the Point Reyes Fallow and Axis Deer


      Your signatures on WildCare's petition have made a difference!

      However, at this critical moment there is still work to be done.

      Our elected officials need to hear your voice by

      May 9, 2008 !

      We are asking you to telephone the offices of Senators Boxer and

      Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi and Representative Lynn Woolsey at the

      numbers listed below.

      We are in the final stages of preparing an extensive "White Paper"

      that carefully sets out a scientific management plan that would

      replace the present extermination plan. The plan, which involves

      the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and two of the

      world's most distinguished scientists in the field of wild animal

      population control is nearing completion.

      We need your help to stop the killing of the deer until this

      critical piece of research is completed and presented to our

      elected officials.

      Please call the offices of Senators Feinstein and Boxer,

      Congresswoman Woolsey and Speaker Pelosi now to help WildCare stop

      the brutal and unnecessary killing of Fallow and Axis Deer,

      especially now as spring's fawns are being born.

      Your help is so appreciated and your efforts are making a

      difference in the lives of these beautiful animals.

      Thank you,

      Karen Wilson

      Executive Director


      Contact Information:

      United States Senator Dianne Feinstein

      Phone: 415-393-0707

      United States Senator Barbara Boxer

      Phone: 202-224-3121

      United States Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

      Phone: 415-556-4862

      United States Congresswoman

      Lynn Woolsey

      Phone: 415-507-9554

      Talking Points:

      Proper scientific assessment of the environmental impact of the

      deer and humane management options has not been carried out. This

      must be allowed to happen before more deer are killed.

      Despite tremendous public outcry, more than 50% of the deer have

      already been exterminated.

      Methods used to exterminate the deer are cruel and inhumane.

      Dead deer have been found shot through the stomach or other non-

      vital regions indicating they suffered and died slowly and horribly.

      Female deer are targeted 5 to 1 over male deer which means fawns

      are orphaned and left to starve.

      Non-lethal means of population control have not been allowed to work

      Contraception is a viable alternative to shooting that has not been

      fully explored


      http://www.fotwd org/vedanta- society-monks-
      deer-killings. shtml

      Vedanta Society Monks Caught In the Deer Killing Crossfire

      West Marin Residents Plead with Monks to Forbid NPS Further Access To
      Retreat Grounds

      April 10, 2008

      When the religious of Olema's Vedanta Society made a concession to the
      National Park Service to allow its workers to enter retreat grounds for the
      purpose of administering contraceptive treatments to the fallow deer which
      once throve in the park-like setting, it is hard to believe the monks knew
      what they were signing up for. Residents, tourists, photographers and
      retreat-goers alike have been sickened by the spectacle of the park's
      remaining 80 or so fallow does - laden with bulky radio tracking collars
      which have caused ugly swellings on the animals' necks, and bolted through
      both ears. These shackled creatures have suffered inhumane treatment of an
      incredible kind at the hands of hired gunmen, White Buffalo. Violence is now
      visible everywhere at the Vedanta Society's retreat.

      Neighbors and friends of the monks are urging them to forbid Anthony
      DiNicola and his gunmen any further access to the land. The populations of
      both the fallow and axis deer have been obliterated by the NPS, in complete
      opposition to their early promises that the eradication would take place
      over more than a decade. In less than one year's time, Point Reyes is down
      to the very last of its cherished deer.

      We have received the following plea for action from a Point Reyes resident:


      April 9, 2008

      The Vedanta Society owns a 2,200 acre religious retreat bordering the Point
      Reyes National Seashore Park. They came out publicly last year and stated
      they would not allow any killing on their property. They did however allow
      the Park service access to their land for contraception of the white/fallow
      deer. Simple contraception can be administered by remote dart and does not
      violate the animal excessively because they do not need to be trapped.

      Instead White Buffalo Inc, hired by the park, put 2 &3 radio tracking
      collars on each deer & in addition bolted large tags into their ears. It
      became evident to everyone living in and around the Olema Valley that this
      enabled White Buffalo to track the deer. We have consulted with leading
      wildlife experts who have informed us that radio collar tracking devices are
      not necessary.

      These animals are being used to test experimental drugs. It is obvious to us
      that the Vedanta has been used as a staging ground to track the deer and
      commit mass murder when practically overnight the deer disappeared. Many
      people in the community wrote to the Vedanta society expressing their
      outrage. A meeting with Dr. Estol Carte, president of the Vedanta Society
      and Marianne Quinn, secretary , followed this event.

      The 80 or so deer that remain are clinging to life by taking refuge on the
      Vedanta property.

      Anthony DiNicola of White Buffalo, Inc. is back in the Point Reyes National
      Park. This is the company that has used high powered weapons, rocket nets,
      helicopters, bolt guns, beating & stabbing & plastic bags over the deer's
      heads to suffocate them to death & has left to rot hundreds of deer
      carcasses for three days before trucking them to who knows where ? ;
      Apparently not to the food banks they claimed they would send them to. The
      park and DiNicola cannot be trusted.

      Please call the Vedanta society immediately at:

      1 (415) 663-1258 OLEMA RETREAT

      1 (415) 922-2323 SF - MARYANNE

      We must pressure the Vedanta Society to close their gates to White Buffalo
      Inc / DiNicola & the National Park Service and not allow them access to
      their property for any reason whatsoever.


      The Vedanta monks have been put in a terrible situation by the deer
      slaughter. It is apparently not their policy to interfere with doings in the
      outside world, but in this case, by allowing White Buffalo into their home,
      the outside world has arrived to be reckoned with. Please, consider making a
      polite and urgent phone call to the monks to ask them to act as guardians to
      the last of the fallow deer.

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