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  • Pat Scala
    Please check out this important information about four Texas high school students who are accused of savagely beating two deer to death on their school s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2008
      Please check out this important information about four Texas
      high school students who are accused of savagely beating two
      deer to death on their school's baseball field!

      Please click the link below to send a quick note to local law
      enforcement urging them to press cruelty-to-animals charges
      against these suspects.
      http://getactive. peta.org/ campaign/ iraan_deer? rk=upAxRbdqpa8xW

      Cruelty Charges Not Filed Against Texas Teens Who Allegedly Beat Two Deer to
      Death! Speak Out Now!

      On December 7, two deer were savagely bludgeoned to death while unable to
      escape an enclosed baseball field at Iraan High School in Pecos County,
      Texas, according to reports. The alleged killers, two 17-year-olds, a
      15-year-old, and a 16-year-old, are reportedly all students at Iraan High
      School. Despite the horrifying nature of this alleged crime, officials have
      refused to file charges of cruelty to animals! The suspects are instead
      facing citations for suspicion of obtaining deer by illegal means and
      hunting during a closed season. Capt. Scott Davis, the game warden
      responsible for issuing these citations, told local media that the four
      would not be further charged since they were "remorseful."

      Mental health professionals and top law enforcement officials consider
      animal abuse to be a red flag. The American Psychiatric Association
      identifies cruelty to animals as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct
      disorders, and the FBI uses reports of animal abuse in analyzing the threat
      potential of suspected and known criminals. Experts agree that it is the
      severity of the behavior-not the species of the victim-that matters. FBI
      interviews with murderers showed that 36 percent had tortured and killed
      animals as children and that 46 percent had done so as adolescents.

      Texas state law mandates that a juvenile found guilty in a case of cruelty
      to animals must be required to undergo "psychological counseling for a
      period to be determined by the court." However, these four suspects, even if
      found guilty of the charges they now face, will not be required to obtain
      the psychological help that is so desperately needed by juvenile animal

      Please politely contact game warden Capt. Scott Davis, Sheriff Cliff Harris,
      and District Attorney Laurie English and urge them to immediately add
      cruelty-to-animals charges to the citations that these boys are currently
      facing. Remind them that this is not only just but also in the best
      interests of the animals, the alleged abusers, and the safety of the
      community at large.

      The Honorable Laurie English
      112th District Attorney
      400 S. Nelson
      Fort Stockton, TX 79735
      432-336-3839 (fax)

      Sheriff Cliff Harris
      Pecos County Sheriff's Department
      P.O. Box 1647
      Fort Stockton, TX 79735
      432-336-2519 (fax)

      Capt. Scott Davis
      Texas Parks and Wildlife
      4500 W. Illinois
      Midland, TX 79703

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