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Rally 9/9/07 for murdered Pt. Reyes, CA Deer

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  • Pat Scala
    PLEASE CROSS POST CONTACT: Trinka Marris tmarris@snader.com Rally 9/9/07 for murdered Pt. Reyes, CA deer From: Trinka Marris tmarris@snader.com Subject:
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      CONTACT: "Trinka Marris" tmarris@...

      Rally 9/9/07 for murdered Pt. Reyes, CA deer

      From: "Trinka Marris" tmarris@...

      Subject: SAVE THE DEER RALLY

      Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 13:57:38 -0700

      Hi Everyone,

      OK...the new date for the rally has been set. It will be Sunday, September

      9th, 2007, between 2:00 and 4:00 pm .

      You don't need to stay for the whole 2 hours...Just come and make your voice

      heard to stop the slaughter of the beautiful deer in our Park!

      The helicopters of the exterminators (White Buffalo, Inc) have stopped

      temporarily, as the 1st phase of the slaughter is over. Olema and Bear

      Valley are hauntingly absent of the beautiful Fallow Deer that grazed there.

      The only thing that remains are a few dead bodies, and the memory of their

      peaceful spirits.

      I think it would be a great idea to hold a rally here at my house ( I live

      right on Bear Valley Rd. ) Sunday, September 9th, 2007 .

      We could keep it simple, since there is not much time to plan. But we could

      bring food, have music...set up tables and tents in my apple orchard, and

      each take turns holding signs and picketing the park all along the road in

      front of my house. If we could get at least 100 people, we could cause a

      great peaceful ruckus! Please invite your friends. My property stretches

      for about a block along Bear Valley Rd. Since it is personal property, we

      won't need a permit, nor can we be asked to leave. We could also get the

      media there.

      We need to let Woolsey and Boxer know we are out there and want their help!

      So...please...let me know if any of you are willing to do this, and take

      action to let the Park know that public opinion matters! This will be the

      first rally...but I'm sure not the last.

      Let me know what you think...Let's act before the next wave of helicopters

      return...they are due back mid-winter.

      Thank you!



      The slaughter has begun and the tactics are inhumane!

      Let the Park know how you feel!

      Come Rally! Let your voice be heard!

      Sunday, September 9th, 2007 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

      Location: 2350 Bear Valley Road

      Bring food, drink and your own sign. Music will be provided.

      Call 663-5420 for details

      Trinka Marris

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