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Deer Slaughter in Montville, NJ

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  • Pat Scala
    PLEASE CROSS POST See the below article about an upcoming deer slaughter in Montville, NJ, partially at the behest of the Lake Valhalla Civic Association
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007

      See the below article about an upcoming deer slaughter in Montville, NJ,
      partially at the behest of the Lake Valhalla Civic Association (Montville,
      NJ), whose President, Janell Crispyn, was "elated" that the deer will be
      slaughtered. In contrast to her cruelty, LVCA member Gladys Nemirow opposes
      lethal schemes.

      If you live in housing developments that have boards, seek a position. These
      boards invariably attract the least intelligent, least imaginative, and
      least compassionate individuals. These board positions must be held by
      people of conscience, as animal lives depend upon it.

      CONTACT (politely)-even if you do NOT live in NJ:

      1. Lake Valhalla Civic Association

      I could not find any contact info for LVCA on the Internet, but the library
      gave me a phone number and the name of the secretary: Suzanne Olimpio, (973)
      335-5236. Please make your calls POLITE and offer to send documentation of
      why only non-lethal solutions should be considered.

      2. Frank Bastone, Montville Township Administrator FBastone@...


      Mayor Art Daughtry ADaughtry@...

      3. Montville Twp Chamber of Commerce info@.... Tell them
      you do not patronize businesses in towns that slaughter animals, when
      non-lethal solutions will accomplish what killing actually makes worse.

      4. Submit letters to the editor of the Daily Record from:



      Montville shooting for a deer cull

      Official: 'We're ready to do it as soon as possible'



      Monday, January 29, 2007

      MONTVILLE -- Count Montville among the ranks of Morris County towns looking
      to curb the region's extensive deer dilemma.

      Prompted by a presentation by the Lake Valhalla Civic Association about the
      problem, township officials met with the Morris County Park Commission last
      week to discuss a possible deer cull in the township.

      The commission offered to expand its wildlife management program, including
      the culling of white-tailed deer, into the township, administrator Frank
      Bastone announced at Tuesday's night meeting.

      Bastone said he and Charles Perry, chairman of the township environmental
      commission, had positive talks with Dave Helmer and Rob Jennings, heads of
      the county park commission.

      Both commission officials said the program would extend into township
      property contiguous to the commission-owned Pyramid Mountain , although
      dates have yet to be set, Bastone said.

      "We're ready to do it as soon as possible," he said on Wednesday. "I think
      it's a great opportunity to initiate another shared service with the county
      and to bring an existing, established, working program into Montville ."

      The township would not contribute financially to the cull, he said.

      The park commission, which uses both shotgun and bow methods, began its cull
      on Jan. 9 on Pyramid Mountain, said Jennings, the commission's
      superintendent of natural resources management.

      The shotgun-only cull is limited to Tuesday mornings from 5:30 a.m. to noon
      , and signs are posted around every trailhead and parking lot entrance, he

      "We recognize that ( Pyramid Mountain ) is heavily used by hikers," Jennings
      said. "We feel by having limited hunts on weekdays in the winter, it lessens
      the impact on other users of the facility."

      Both Bastone and Perry seemed receptive to the idea of expanding the cull
      into the township, and both parties agreed it makes sense, he said.

      "They're getting pressure from the Lake Valhalla folks to have a more active
      management program," Jennings said. "We feel it allows us to maintain our
      management rights, play a role in wildlife management in their tract of
      land... and absorb it into our program."

      Members of the Lake Valhalla Civic Association who attended Tuesday night's
      meeting thanked the committee for addressing the issue promptly.

      The LVCA, which represents 600 families in the small lakeside community, has
      openly complained about herds of deer destroying the forest surrounding the

      Janell Crispyn, president of the LVCA, said she was "elated" by the county's

      "I think it's such an absolutely wise and prudent step to take to bring the
      deer back to their natural numbers," she said on Wednesday.

      But one member of the LVCA who has vocally opposed lethal methods of deer
      control and has worked to preserve the township land eyed for the cull,
      expressed her displeasure again on Wednesday.

      "The hunters will have access and egress from my street," said Gladys
      Nemirow, who called the actions taken by township officials "knee-jerk

      "Something that was passive recreation, something that was treasured by all
      of us as a sanctuary, will be invaded," she said. "It's outrageous."

      If the township does accept the county's offer, it will join the growing
      list of other Morris County municipalities who have implemented similar
      programs. Both Chester Township and Wharton have an agreement with the
      county, while Mountain Lakes , Morris Township and Mendham Township have
      achieved success with their own bow and shotgun hunting programs, Jennings

      Bow hunting, which Montville already permits, would ideally be best for a
      successful cull, he said.


      Tehani Schneider can be reached at (973) 428-6631 or tschneider@....

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