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708Goat Friends Update - Holly Hill to be sold, pt2

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  • Imp Ster
    Aug 5, 2004
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      greetings Goat Friends... (and Friends of Deer!)

      an event today marks an interesting milestone in the continuing saga
      of Holly Hill.

      the latest Certified-Mail-unserved notices of (multiple) Zoning
      violations was found bagged on the back door knob.
      it appears that my mom has vanished again as her mail return stamp(s)
      said "temp away".
      (typicaly, she does this so as to attempt to avoid being served by
      such violations.)

      at any rate, listed zoning violations include the lack of paint on
      the house, my old buss from
      Utah, 2 other junk vehicles (including the HO train shop van rendered
      a total loss by the kind if erroneous attentions of the SWAT a few
      years ago), Wm the goat living in this high-class "residential" area
      (featuring high class poor white trash crakkerheads who even have
      their own cottage industry pissing in Affordable Painting buckets!),
      a few bits of old wood material amusingly classified
      as "building materials"... also there are unrepaired injuries to the
      interior of the house inself, including holes in wallboard and

      btw, dont blame the County too much, sez i, for merely being the
      latest pawn in my mom's ulterior game.

      for, as can be seen from an unbiased semantical analysis of her
      actions over the years (the least hidious of which are chronicled, in
      passing, in the latest Text file uploaded to Goat Friends
      titled "His Grandmother's Things", to be found at the Files page of
      GF, here.. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Goat_Friends/files )
      ... the mother creature has long desired the disolution of this
      heirloom family real estate holding.

      be such as such may, its now 7 days counting down to final violation
      upon that unfortunate occurance, fines will be assesed and acrue,
      with the desired end result of lien forclosure inevitably coming to

      probably see some sort of eviction process another 30 days after that.

      stay tuned...