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1306goats and deer

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  • imp s
    Aug 14, 2013
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      lordy my last post was depressive wasnt it.
      well forget all that, as Stanley Ipkis said to Milo in The Mask.
      i really need to count my blessings every day.
      like this morning, after another sleepless night,
      still able to hobble out to wrassle a few goats and witness the first clear sky in over a week.

      i'll probably want to axe these last few posts that dont have much to do with deer, but its not personal.
      i'm gonna try to get some webcam video of them visiting soon, instead.
      perhaps i can file short deer-goat clips here and put longer bits over at YouTube.

      (hi Pat i see yer up early today. tnx for letting me vent!
      btw ever consider setting up a FoD YT channel?

      cheers all