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1302Re: [Friends of Deer] Re: YT news clip on the fawn terrorist

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  • Anna Carner Blangiforti
    Aug 13, 2013
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      Hi Imp,

      Were you, are you a writer (of sorts:)). Deep stuff.

      Want you to take some time and relax your arteries. Hear them pounding
      from here.......

      The idiots will always be.....maybe we can help peel back the onion for


      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 2:41 AM, imp s <iimpster@...> wrote:

      > **
      > evidently these sorts are already damned.
      > censure or disapproval means nothing to them.
      > they seem to relish their questionable station in life, somewhat akin to
      > swine rolling in cool pond scum on a hot day.
      > cursing them is like try to fart at a skunk, they just sniff and grin.
      > yes, its hard to ignore their depravity.
      > but i sense a risk of being drawn into the range of their killing field.
      > i suppose we must take care that the swine splashings soils not our own
      > garments.
      > ...
      > >
      > > Damn them! Stupid, stupid.
      > >

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