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1275Cayuga Heights considers tracking eating habits of deer

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  • pat scala
    Jul 16, 2011
      Written by
      Rachel Stern
      A new study to monitor the eating habits of deer will be discussed at Monday's Village of Cayuga Heights Board of Trustees meeting.
      The board will select a number of sites and plant both protected and unprotected tree seedlings, Mayor Kate Supron said. After 10 days, the site will be studied to see what was eaten by deer and other animals and what was not. After that, the site will be checked every two to four weeks to collect data.
      "There is a need for this baseline data so that over time, we would hope as the deer management program is implemented, we can show improvement," she said. "If we don't know where we are starting from, it would be hard to show improvement."
      The study will be presented to the board, she said, and the board would then have to approve it. Because now is not the best time to plant, Supron said, the board may wait until the fall planting season.
      "We are not doing this to justify starting the deer program. It is not a DEC requirement or a permit requirement," she said. "We are doing it just to give us some very basic data."
      The board of trustees unanimously passed a resolution April 4 to begin the deer-remediation plan outlined in the environmental impact statement on the project. The village will begin with the surgical sterilization of 20 to 60 does within a two-year period, followed by culling the remainder of the herd.
      A lawsuit was filed May 23 in Tompkins County Supreme Court on behalf of 12 local residents challenging the village's deer management program.
      The board meeting will take place 7 p.m. Monday in Marcham Hall.

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