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1144RE: [Friends of Deer] let them eat lead!

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  • Pat Scala
    Nov 6, 2008
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      This subject is one of my pet peeves and I've written extensive letters in
      an attempt to ban this travesty.

      For one thing, the carcasses are not inspected by USDA as fit for human
      consumption. Deer, as other wild game, are notorious for harboring internal
      parasites. Such parasites could be cooked away if people are warned - they
      are not. Another problem is no one monitors the amount of time that expires
      before the animal is gutted. Not gutting an animal quickly could lead to
      poisoning. In New Jersey, the streams that provide water for wild game are
      badly polluted. They often graze in areas that are heavily fertilized with

      Deer carcasses are dumped on the hungry poor who believe that hunters are
      being charitable. Fact is, the food banks are the dumping grounds for the
      carcasses that are created for the thrill of killing. So, we now have two
      victims - the animal and the poor slobs that put them on their dinner

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      Subject: [Friends of Deer] let them eat lead!

      Study links lead in blood to wild game consumption
      By James Macpherson, Associated Press Writer - Wed Nov 5, 8:58 pm ET

      BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota health officials are recommending that
      pregnant women and young children avoid eating meat from wild game
      killed with lead bullets.

      The recommendation is based on a study released Wednesday that
      examined the lead levels in the blood of more than 700 state
      residents. Those who ate wild game killed with lead bullets appeared
      to have higher lead levels than those who ate little or no wild game.

      The elevated lead levels were not considered dangerous, but North
      Dakota says pregnant women and children younger than 6 should avoid
      eating venison harvested using lead bullets.

      Those groups are considered most at risk from lead poisoning, which
      can cause learning problems and convulsions, and in severe cases can
      lead to brain damage and death.

      The study, conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and
      Prevention and the state health department, is the first to connect
      lead traces in game with higher lead levels in the blood of game
      eaters, said Dr. Stephen Pickard, a CDC epidemiolgist who works with
      the state health department.

      A separate study by Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources
      previously found that fragments from lead bullets spread as far as 18
      inches away from the wound.

      "Nobody was in trouble from the lead levels," Pickard said.
      However, "the effect was small but large enough to be a concern," he

      Pickard said the study found "the more recent the consumption of wild
      game harvested with lead bullets, the higher the level of lead in the

      Officials in North Dakota and other states have warned about eating
      venison killed with lead ammunition since the spring, when a
      physician conducting tests using a CT scanner found lead in samples
      of donated deer meat.

      The findings led North Dakota's health department to order food
      pantries to throw out donated venison. Some groups that organize
      venison donations have called such actions premature and unsupported
      by science.



      these people dont eat venison because they want health.
      they just want to "belong to the tribe"!
      similarly, in some cultures, one must shed the blood of an innocent
      to prove one's fealty to the 'tribe'.
      (these cultural throwbacks are also known as "sociopaths".)


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