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Fw: Tunisia: news and speaker event details

________________________________ From: American Tunisian Association Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:29 AM To: amtunis@... Cc:
J. P. Jones
Apr 22
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Female Entrepreneurship

Thanks to long-time Tunisia advocate Jerry Sorkin for this information about a "rising female star."
Friends of Tunisia
Apr 13

Large poll of Arab opinion

This poll included Tunisia, and the U.S. has a long way to go in terms of persuading Arabs that it plays a positive role in the Middle East.About 82 percent of
Friends of Tunisia
Apr 11

New email address for Suzanne

Hi all,Please make a note of my new contact info. (not the one I'm sending from!)Sorry for any duplication.Thanks,Suzanne suznowen@...
Suzanne Owen
Apr 3

Fw: Tunisian-American Day Gala

... From: The Tunisian American Center To: fotrpcv@... Sent: Saturday, April 1, 2017 3:31 PM Subject: Tunisian-American
Friends of Tunisia
Apr 1

Re: Juliette Bessis

Rob, Thank you for this follow-up; I always appreciate your depth. Rachael Freed ... Rob, Thank you for this follow-up; I always appreciate your depth.
Rachael Freed
Mar 22

Juliette Bessis

The work of Juliette Bessis: * La Méditerranée fasciste : l'Italie mussolinienne et la Tunisie , Paris, Karthala, 1981 3 * Les Fondateurs : Index
Rob Prince
Mar 22

Re: Death of Juliette Bessis, Tunisian-Jewish scholar, communist

If you goggle her, her daughter will come up too The Bessis family - owned a great deal of land north of Tunis. Juliette's pop was a confident of Bourguiba and
    Rob Prince
    Mar 21
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    Re: Death of Juliette Bessis, Tunisian-Jewish scholar, communist

    Robbie, Thanks for sending this. I had never heard of her or her books. Which just goes to show, I suppose, how much we PC-vol's didn't know went on in
    J. P. Jones
    Mar 21

    Fw: Stanley Hallet Sketchbook Award

    ... From: Stanley Hallet To: Assal Taoufik ; Anne Tarrant ; Dale Tennis
    Friends of Tunisia
    Mar 21
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    Death of Juliette Bessis, Tunisian-Jewish scholar, communist

    http://www.leaders.com.tn/article/21898-l-historienne-juliette-bessis-nous-quitte-gabes-1925-paris-18-mars-2017 -- R. Prince robertjprince.wordpress.com
    Rob Prince
    Mar 21

    Crocodiles & Cocaine

    Search out the Tunisia country news about tourists killing a croc at the Tunis zoo, cops getting murdered south of Tunis, and the Tunisian coast guard seizing
    Friends of Tunisia
    Mar 15

    Fw: Tunis Air

    ... From: Edward English To: Friends of Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2017 11:59 AM Subject: Tunis Air In case you
    Friends of Tunisia
    Mar 12

    Kasserine contre le Djihad

    ... Envoy¨¦ d'un ami qui ¨¦tait avec nous en Tunisie comme prof coop¨¦rant. Best, Deirdre Conley Lu cet article qui relate une action ¨¦ducative de la
    Deirdre Conley
    Mar 12

    Re: Poverty stats

    I am doubtful. Is the source Stephen Pinker’s book? Other stats suggest there are more babies dying today and more people in slavery than at any time in
    Amanda Sebestyen
    Mar 6
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