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[Freshwater Aquariums] Re: Clown Loach Requirements

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  • bodfrass
    Hi Lisa I think we all slip up some times through no bodys fault rearly, those kirbensis I bought shouldn t of been a problem but thease two took the parenting
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 30, 2006
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      Hi Lisa
      I think we all slip up some times through no bodys fault
      rearly, those kirbensis I bought shouldn't of been a problem but
      thease two took the parenting role a bit too seriously and went on
      the rampage claiming the whole tank as their teritory and killing
      two fish. The important thing is when thease unexpected problems
      turn up that we deal with them and not let the fish suffer as a
      result. I would of said that your Clown Loach will be more than ok
      long enough for you to find him a good home, theres no need to panic
      he's not in immediate danger or anything. As Patrick said it's more
      the issue of compainy for him and his eventule body mass, but he
      wont grow over night and he will be fine on his own for a while,
      long enough for you to do right by him.
      Why were you drawn to buy him, was he to do a jod, or did you just
      like the look of him? Just trying to think of a possible suitible


      --- In freshwateraquariums@yahoogroups.com, Lisa Rambo
      <canineclara@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the reply Martin,
      > I try to be so careful when I purchase fish. I swear that
      Petsmart had a thing saying the loach would only get to be 6
      inches. That is what I remember. I always have less fish in my
      tank than I technically can so they aren't overstocked and I get
      smaller fish than I have to (except for this loach incident). I
      wish I could go bigger, but the expense is not in the budget right
      now. the loach is only about 31/2-4 inches right now. Do you think
      it is harming him if I keep him a little longer? He's not
      exhibiting any stress behavior right now.
      > Thanks, Lisa
      > bodfrass <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > Hi Lisa
      > I complitly agree with Kevins stance on this sort of issue,
      > fish are much more sensitive than most people give them credit
      > How ever there is a 3rd option!!!! Sounds like a graite excuse to
      > upgrade to a bigger tank to me :-). Most good fish stores will
      > in unwanted fish (for what ever reason). Don't feal guilty for
      > buying him, in my opinun it's the responsabilety of the fish store
      > to make sure anyone buying a fish, is able to care for it's needs,
      > after all they are the exsperts! I know most don't do this but
      > should! the one I use dose and will simply refuse to sell a fish
      > some one unsutible, I respect them for that and drive a ways to
      > there knowing thier good people, they allso only stock captive
      > fish and take in unwanted or rescued fish, I bought a pair of
      > Kirbensis a while back, who bread stait away and then set about
      > harasing the rest of the tank members (more than normal) I rang
      > store and they took them and thier babys back and exchanged them
      > some more fish of equall value.
      > Martin
      > --- In freshwateraquariums@yahoogroups.com, "Lisa Rambo"
      > <canineclara@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I have a Clown Loach in a 16 gallon tank. However, I am now
      > reading
      > > info that says they need a minimum of 30 gallons!
      > > Is this really the case? Had I known that I wouldn't have gotten
      > him.
      > > I have had him for probably 6 months. I also have one glo danio
      > and a
      > > couple of guppies. He has a nice cave and there are live plants
      > for
      > > them. He eats great, looks good and doesn't seem scared.
      > > I was going to get another, but that is when I saw the tank size
      > > requirements.
      > > Any advice on what I should do? Obviously I shouldn't get
      > but
      > > I realize they are schooling.
      > > Help!!
      > > Thanks,
      > > Lisa
      > >
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