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Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] Snails (was: Just starting...)

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  • MBethke
    Once again, Latin names should be used to remove the confusion. Latin Names are descriptive and make identifying species much easier, funny thing here, Latin
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 30, 2004
      Once again, Latin names should be used to remove the confusion.

      Latin Names are descriptive and make identifying species much easier, funny thing here, Latin names are used globally for all sciences and is not that hard to understand and learn.

      Certain names you'll see repeated in various sciences, and they make sense.
      All h best,

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      Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 7:12 PM
      Subject: Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] Snails (was: Just starting...)

      Ok, she sells mystery snails and calls them apple snails. And she is
      not incorrect, because mystery snails are apples snails, though not
      all apple snails are mystery snails (just as all poodles are dogs but
      not all dogs are poodles).

      I've seen several websites that support that now including Leonora's:

      "Pomacea Bridgesii Apple Snail, also known as Mystery Snails or Inca
      Snails are very easy to care for and are great for beginner
      aquarists, since they do extremely well in established aquariums or
      ponds with most types of fish."

      So I learned that mystery snails are members of the apple snail
      family, I didn't know that before.

      But I still think it confusing to refer to mystery snails as apple
      snails because there are a lot more apple snails that are not mystery
      snails then there are apple snails that are mystery snails. And those
      apple snails that are not mystery snails will chomp down aquarium
      plants like they were Pez.

      --- In freshwateraquariums@yahoogroups.com, "Kimberly McMichael"
      <kimberlymc@m...> wrote:
      > You are correct. That is what I read. I did a lot of research
      > purchasing snails. I neglected to mention that "some" Apple snails
      > devour your plants. It depends upon which ones you get. Please
      accept my
      > apologies. You can find loads of valuable info at:
      > http://www.applesnail.net/
      > I purchased my snails online from someone I felt knew what they were
      > selling. I got them here:
      > I am sure that they were more expensive than the LFS but I have had
      > experiences there. Asking for one thing and getting another. I felt
      like she
      > knew what she was sending and I was willing to pay more to get a
      snail that
      > was right for my tank. So far they have been a great addition.
      > Kimberly
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      > Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 10:35 PM
      > Subject: Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] Snails (was: Just starting...)
      > >
      > > The problem is, the terms "Apple" and "Mystery" are often
      > > interchanged and are applied to a huge number of different snail
      > > species, not all of which act the same as the others. Some are
      > > weed eaters that will mow down all live plants you have in your
      > > while others will not touch your live plants at all and others
      > > fall in the middle, eating some types of plants while ignoring
      > > others.
      > >
      > > So if you buy a large snail, regardless if it is marked "Apple" or
      > > "Mystery" it usually is a crap shoot as to how the snail will act
      > > your tank. One poster is going to tell you they will eat all your
      > > plants because the one(s) that person got did, while the next
      > > will tell you they are great for planted tanks, because their
      > > never bothered the live plants they were put in with.
      > >
      > > Patrick
      > >
      > > --------------------
      > > --- Kimberly McMichael <kimberlymc@m...> wrote:
      > > > I have two Apple snails in a 29 gal. tank with almost 10 live
      > > > plants. They have never eaten any of my plants. Not even a
      > >
      > > --------------------
      > > > > You don't want apple snails unless you want holes in those
      > > > > leaves: They will get huge, eat your plants and reproduce
      > > > > control. Get yorself some olive nerite or mystery snails
      > > > > which will do none of the above and will keep your algae
      > > > >
      > > > > Stan
      > >
      > >
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