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Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] Re: HELP with new 10 gallong tank!

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  • Patrick, The American Fish Guy
    You have a nice name, too. :) Sorry Patrick (did I mention your great name BTW?), but Ich is a parasite and not a disease. Like anchor worm or even pond
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 30, 2004
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      You have a nice name, too. :)

      "Sorry Patrick (did I mention your great name BTW?), but Ich is a parasite
      and not a disease. Like anchor worm or even pond snails, ich is something
      you either have or you don't have in your tank. Bad water conditions do not
      create ich."

      It is my opinon that ich isn't something you really need to worry about.
      It isn't a disease. I said it was a symptom of a disease, not that this is
      a disease as a doctor would thing about it. It is a parasite that can't be
      removed from a tank without heavy doses of chemicals. The cause of fish
      getting infected with the parasite is water conditions or some other
      physical stress to the fish. It is my belief, based on experience of myself
      and others, that ich is not deadly to fish. Water conditions are the key
      and water changes are the cure. If the stress to the fish is removed, the
      fish will get stronger and prevent more ich parasites from being able to
      attach themselves. At the same time the ich on the fish will eventually
      fall off as part of their natural life cycle. Temperature is only to speed
      up the life cycle so the ich on the fish will fall off a little faster, not
      to kill the ich. Temeratures to kill the ich would not be good for the fish

      The problem is that most people spend so much time treating the ich that
      they ignore the fact that the fish had to be stressed before it could have
      been attacked by the parasites. I would rather remove that stress by doing
      water changes than try to kill the ich.

      On the other hand, if I had a fish with a bad case of ich I would give
      it a medicine or salt dip. That would be a last resort.

      Really good name, by the way.

      Patrick N.
      aka the other Patrick...

      Nitrogen Cycle
      About my tanks:
      29 gallon tank.
      -I have 5 glolights, 2 neons and 3 black neons, 3 skirt tetras, 2
      home-raised mollies, 1 home raised guppy, 4 Otocinclus catfish, 2 albino and
      3 juli cories, 1 pleco, one female betta, and 1 paradise gourami. I do not
      recommend this setup for starting a new tank!
      -Plants: "hardy" aponongetons, red tiger lotus, banana plants, java ferns,
      hornwort, and amazon swords.
      -Single 20 watt 5000K light, plain gravel, Regent 30-60 power filter.
      Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 30ppm, KH 2°, pH 6.4.
      10 gallon tank.
      -Multiple bettas, all born in June.
      -Plants: hornwort, red tiger lotus, amazon sword
      -2 10 watt 6500K mini fluorescent lights, plain gravel in spots, sponge filter.

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