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7093Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] Constint water changes

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  • Patrick A. Timlin
    Mar 9, 2011
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      --- On Tue, 3/8/11, spoil9 <spoil9@...> wrote:
      > 1. Seeing as I only have a couple small plants in the
      > apartment, what would be the harm in taking a cup (8-10oz)
      > worth of water from the fish tank everyday for the plants,
      > and then right away refilling the fish tank with filtered
      > tap water?

      Yes, perfectly acceptable.

      > 2. If I replace the Betta with other schooling fish, can I
      > assume that as long as I watch the water quality I can
      > continue to do this, even with an increased bio-load?

      Absolutely. For a properly running tank, a heavier bioload will simply mean faster build up of nitrates and nitrates are a great fertilizer source for plants. So water away!


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