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7082Re: [Freshwater Aquariums] What to use a 5 gal tank for?

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  • Patrick A. Timlin
    Aug 25, 2010
      --- On Sun, 7/25/10, joaniee2003@... <joaniee2003@...> wrote:
      > I have a 5 gal tank with a pump for up to 30 gal.
      > I would like to put in a small albino and/or dwarf frogs.
      > It will be about two months before I can get a bigger
      > tank.
      > Is it reasonable to put a small albino or dwarf frogs in
      > it? How many?
      > If not, anything else for such a small tank until I can get
      > a bigger tank?


      Sorry for the over due response. Some new posts to the group (which automatically go into a special folder for my aquarium mailing lists) prompted me to look and see I had a bunch I meant to answer and promptly forgot about.

      I do not have any experience with frogs, but in general there are two types available in the hobby. Drawf frogs and Clawed frogs. The albino ones might be of the clawed variety. The drawf frogs are suitable for a 5 gallon tank but the clawed variety tend to get much bigger and a 5-gallon may simply be too small. So, if you wanted to do frogs, you need to make sure you know which species you are actually getting.

      If you wanted to go with fish, there are a number of choices for a 5-gallon tank. Two of my favorites for small unheated tanks are either White Clouds (aka "Mountain minnows) or feeder guppies. Either tend to be cheap, active, breed easily, hardy and are not fussy about water conditions (hardness, pH, and that sort of thing).

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