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Re: hidden amalgam symtom I chelated with mercury under a crown. I got quite acutely sick with hepatitis. But then my liver is my weakest point. Rebecca L
5:02 AM
Sulfur sensitivity test I want to test myself whether I am sensitive to sulfur foods or not. I want to start with a diet low in sulfur for 7 days and then switch to high sulfur food,
Petr Veit
4:16 AM
Re: Brain fog Thanks everybody for their help. By coincidence, today I had a lesson of Russian language and I was pretty bright and overall I was able to keep focus.
Petr Veit
4:14 AM
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Re: armpit pain and lymphatic drainage 'I will try a massage as well. I haven't found Perrin-trained people around; they seem to be all in the UK, but I'll google it to see if there are any videos.'
Leon McRae
4:14 AM
Re: SpectraCell Minerals Test - Is it necessary? You do not need the spectracell test. You do not need any 'executive panel.' The rest of what the doc is ordreing sounds fine and should be covered by
2:39 AM
Re: hidden amalgam symtom Hi Susan, I am also very interested in this. I had my first root canal and crown done in 1998. I don't know whether mercury was used or nor..I then had that
12:19 AM
Re: Stool test results Wow Billy yours is just like my daughters klebsiella and no lacto with an overgrowth of bidido! Def only do lacto strains no bifidus and watch out for FOS and
11:20 PM
Re: Severe Arthritis Lead poisoning can cause muscle and joint pain. This weeks New England Medical Journal has a case history of lead poisoning with symptoms including joint pain,
David Hammond
11:19 PM
Re: hidden amalgam symtom "By my history, can you tell if i have hidden amalgam under crowns?" I can't tell. Some of our members chelated for quite some time before they discovered
11:01 PM
Re: Dr. Lawrence Wilson - Hair Test I can't imagine why you would pay to have your hair test analyzed. It is very simple to do and the entire instructions are outlined in Andy's book HTI or you
9:53 PM
Re: In Dump Phase? Very ill today, like when I was when I still had amalgam in. Got more brief mild headaches, but mostly bad anxiety with breathing issues, and brain fog. I am
9:45 PM
Dr. Lawrence Wilson - Hair Test Is anyone familiar with Dr. Lawrence Wilson and his hair testing research? I have AC's book on Hair Test Interpretation and recently did a hair test through
8:56 PM
Re: Brain fog Joey, you could remove them one at a time to see how you feel. I know that is hard to do when you are enjoying an important improvement. I'd start with
7:38 PM
Re: Severe Arthritis ... *** Interesting, Jane. Do you have a hair test? If so what number and what was the Boron level? BrianMc
6:32 PM
Re: Titanium Plates Thank you for that link. Good to know I can chelate with the metal in place but yes, there are other concerns. The antenna in my head theory, possible metal
Kristina Carlton
6:27 PM
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Re: Brain fog Brain fog has always been my biggest gripe and as of lately it has diminished significantly. It could be that I upped my dosages of both ALA and DMSA and hit a
6:17 PM
Re: what is the DMPS doing? 300 mg of DMPS increased arsenic excretion by a factor of 4 in one person. 200 mg of DMPS twice daily increased copper excretion 20 to 30 times. 100mg of DMPS
David Hammond
6:16 PM
Re: Severe Arthritis This is what worked like a miracle cure for my arthritis http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm Jane
5:14 PM
Re: Titanium Plates ... Andy on less titanium not in the head: http://onibasu.com/archives/amc/48161.html http://onibasu.com/archives/amc/48161.html So you can chelate with it in
5:00 PM
Re: What to use as capsule filler? ... BrianMc ... caps (size “0”). However, the last round of ALA and DMSA every 2 hours provided too much Vit. C for bowel tolerance. I am considering
4:52 PM
De & regeneration of back discs? I just went to a new chiro - he said I have a little degeneration of the discs in my spine (I'm 37). I was wondering if anyone has experienced this as well
4:49 PM
Titanium Plates Hi All, I am new to this forum and fairly new to frequent dose chelation. In 2004 I was put on IV chelation for probably 1.5 years using EDTA and DMPS
Kristina Carlton
4:44 PM
Re: Severe Arthritis Many people have had success reducing or eliminating arthritis by changing their diet. Search "arthritis" on MarksDailyApple dot com ( link of search below ).
4:37 PM
Re: armpit pain and lymphatic drainage I cannot do acupuncture either any more. I was told high thallium makes people very pain sensitive. I found out through a simple urine test by Doctors Data, 6
4:37 PM
Re: Lead and Other Heavy Metals in Tea ... *** But tea is not grown in Western Nations. Canada banned it in 1993 and the US in 1995. The phase out with catalytic converter cars started earlier.
2:50 PM
What to use as capsule filler? I have been splitting capsules of chelators as needed for small doses using ascorbic acid for filling ALA, DMPS and DMSA caps (size “0”). However, the last
2:31 PM
hidden amalgam symtom I have 2 crowns, i never had any teeth filling. The dentist who did root canal and crowns for me mentioned that he never used amalgam before. I already lost
susan MercuryTrouble
2:00 PM
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In Dump Phase? Three of my four amalgams were removed 6 months ago, and the last amalgam was removed 3.5 months ago. I suspect that I am in the dump phase due to increased
1:53 PM
Re: Lead and Other Heavy Metals in Tea Hi! My partner re-uses organic green tea a lot and sometimes organic herbal teas. Can it be a risk from re-using organic green tea and organic herbal teas to
1:53 PM
Re: Severe Arthritis ... my knees and back). Does anyone know of any connection to heavy metals and what I can take to stop and possibly reverse the progress? *** Some people got
Eireen Cullen
1:52 PM
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