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Re: suggestions for next round? "When one increases dose of ALA or DMSA how many rounds should one do before deciding that it's time to increase, assuming mild and manageable side effects?"
10:55 PM
Re: Lithium orotate for anger https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Autism-Mercury/conversations/topics/241259 https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Autism-Mercury/conversations/topics/241259
10:50 PM
Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. Since this is something specific, like when would it be ok for YOU to use HBOT, I think Andy would need all of your information. That means it would be best
10:45 PM
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Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. Yes, by detox Andy means to chelate. If I remember correctly you have not done much chelation yet? Linda
10:43 PM
suggestions for next round? This afternoon I completed five rounds of chelation, 2 to 3 days each. Here's what I've done for each round. Round 1: 16 mg DMSA Round 2: 25 mg DMSA Round 3:
10:40 PM
Lithium orotate for anger I'm interesting in taking some lithium orotate to see if it will smooth out some anger that occasionally comes up during chelation. Reading about side effects
10:39 PM
Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. Linda Andy said specifically this: "I'd chelate as much as your kid responds to before considering this unless there is a very clear and specific indication
10:38 PM
Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. hi Linda, Andy Cutler said this in one of the posts at Onibasu, "Hyperbaric oxygen is absolutely contraindicated for mercury toxic people - they get worse.
10:38 PM
Re: Dmsa and ala for high mercury and lead..risks.with MS? Test roun Linda: "Andy has mentioned that chelating with DMSA can be problematic for some with autoimmune problems, like MS." Caught my fancy. Found this report from a
8:17 PM
Re: Dmsa and ala for high mercury and lead..risks.with MS? Test roun following on what Linda wrote... http://onibasu.com/archives/am/212574.html http://onibasu.com/archives/am/212574.html
7:37 PM
Re: Dmsa and ala for high mercury and lead..risks.with MS? Test roun -there is a spanish chelation group. Ive read some confusing .comments on risks of chelating with DMSA when one has MS. Was all a tad confusing and cant
7:09 PM
Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. Devon You have chelated as much as possible when you have chelated at high doses of ALA (0.5-1mg/lb/dose) without side effects on or off round for a period of
7:02 PM
Re: Adrenal Rebuilder vs. ACE Why don't you contact Throne and Allergy Research for their opinion on this, so that you listen to both sides of the argument? I seem to remember reading a
6:09 PM
Re: Fish Oil This is a good page for comparisons: http://www.ifosprogram.com/consumer-reports.aspx http://www.ifosprogram.com/consumer-reports.aspx Mar
6:01 PM
Re: Fish Oil Hi Alice, My favorite fish oil is OmegaVia, but it is a bit pricey.  https://www.omegavia.com/product-details/ I also really like Nutrigold Triple Stength
Kelly Bormann
4:59 PM
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Re: Fish Oil I don't know that it is a recommendation but I got tired of 4 capsules or more a meal of cheap low concentration fish oil and use this one:
4:41 PM
Re: Adrenal Rebuilder vs. ACE Thanks, Verbena, Leon, and Kelly. This is very helpful. I'm coming around to thinking that if Adrenal Rebuilder is working for me, it's best to stick with
4:34 PM
Re: I know I asked this before, but, this is important to me. Linda, when do you know if you "chelated as much as possible?" How the heck am I supposed to judge when it's safe to do hyperarics, as I really want to, but
4:25 PM
Fish Oil Does anyone have any recommendations for fish oil? Atm, I'm using MorEPA supercitical omega-3 fish oil. But I'm looking for a higher dose/cheaper product.
Alice lau
4:24 PM
Re: Fibromaljia pain and when start ALA? ... *** A good side X-ray that shows the roots of the teeth would have a white spot where the amalgam is. No white spot = no amalgam in root tip. BrianMc
3:51 PM
Re: timer/alarm rec? I use the Vibralite 8 watch during the day and at night I keep the Vibralite on my night stand with the beep alarm setting. I also set my regular alarm clock
3:40 PM
Re: Waking a dormant virus I'm not so sure 3 rounds is enough to "wake" the virus. Andy has some posts on a related subject--Lyme + Hg that you might find interesting. You might find
2:58 PM
Re: Hormonal test results and support Have you ever tried some DHEA, maybe just 5mg in the beginning? You should be aware that some people with MCS won't tolerate more than small amounts of it. I
2:54 PM
Re: timer/alarm rec? Hi Leon, So daytime you set the watch on vibration but night time you set the watch with audible sound? Thanks Alice On Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 19:23, Leon
Alice lau
2:35 PM
Hormonal test results and support Hi, These are my saliva test results: Estradiol (saliva) 0.8 LOW pg/mL (range:1.3-3.3) Progesterone (saliva) 224 pg/mL (range:75-270) Ratio: P g/ E2 (saliva)
2:31 PM
Waking a dormant virus Hello all, I was on my 3rd round of chelation when I was hit by extreme fatigue and headaches. I stopped the round early since I thought it was definitely the
David Lebar
2:29 PM
Re: Heavy Metals and Water Hi Again Alice, I looked at your Northumbrian Water Limited quality report. Definitely they add fluoride, like you said. On chloramine, I agree with you,
2:29 PM
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Re: Progress from 55 Rounds Congratulations Kim, and thank you for letting us know. It is important for others like me to see that sensitive people may find the process quite challenging
11:23 AM
Re: timer/alarm rec? Hi Petr, I wouldn't wish to recommend using the vibration setting in the night. I tried it - the first night, I woke up; the second night, I slept through the
Leon McRae
11:23 AM
Re: Fibromaljia pain and when start ALA? Thank you Brian. *** Have you checked those crowns for mercury under them? Have you had X-rays to make sure there is no amalgam in the root tips? My x-ray
susan MercuryTrouble
7:57 AM
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