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The Author-Translator in the European Literary Tradition (Swansea, 28 June - 1 July 2010)

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  • Jonathan Goldberg
    I m posting this just in case there are members who might be interested in partcipating and who are not aware oc this event. Regards Jonathan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2009
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      I'm posting this just in case there are members who might be interested in
      partcipating and who are not aware oc this event.

      > The Author-Translator in the European Literary Tradition Swansea
      > University, 28 June - 1 July 2010
      > Confirmed keynote speakers include:
      > Susan Bassnett, David Constantine, Lawrence Venuti
      > The recent `creative turn´ in translation studies has challenged notions
      > of translation as a derivative and uncreative activity which is inferior
      > to `original´ writing. Commentators have drawn attention to the creative
      > processes involved in the translation of texts, and suggested a rethinking
      > of translation as a form of creative writing.
      > Hence there is growing critical and theoretical interest in translations
      > undertaken by literary authors.
      > This conference focuses on acts of translation by creative writers.
      > Literary scholarship has tended to overlook this aspect of an author´s
      > output, yet since the time of Cicero, authors across Europe have been
      > engaged not only in composing their own works but in rendering texts from
      > one language into another. Indeed, many of Europe´s greatest writers have
      > devoted time to translation - from Chaucer to Heaney, from Diderot and
      > Goethe to Seferis and Pasternak - and have produced some remarkable texts.
      > Others (Beckett, Joyce, Nabokov) have translated their own work from one
      > language into another. As attentive readers and skilful wordsmiths,
      > writers may be particularly well equipped to meet the creative demands of
      > literary translation; many translations of poetry are, after all,
      > undertaken by poets themselves. Moreover, translation can have a major
      > impact on an author´s own writing and on the development of native
      > literary traditions.
      > The conference seeks to reassess the importance of translation for
      > European writers - both well-known and less familiar - from antiquity to
      > the present day. It will explore why authors translate, what they
      > translate, and how they translate, as well as the links between an
      > author´s translation work and his or her own writing. It will bring
      > together scholars in English studies and modern languages, classics and
      > medieval studies, comparative literature and translation studies.
      > Possible topics include:
      > - individual author-translators: motivations, career trajectories,
      > comparative thematics and stylistics
      > - the author-translator in context: literary societies, movements,
      > national traditions
      > - the problematic creativity of the author-translator
      > - self-reflective pronouncements and manifestos
      > - the author-translator as critic of others´ translations
      > - self-translation: strengths and weaknesses
      > - authors, adaptations, re-translation and relay translation
      > - the reception and influence of the work of author-translators
      > - theoretical interfaces
      > Proposals are invited for individual papers (max. 20 minutes) or panels
      > (of 3 speakers). The conference language is English. It is anticipated
      > that selected papers from the conference will be published.
      > Please send a 250-word abstract by 30 September 2009 to the organisers,
      > Hilary Brown and Duncan Large:
      > Author-Translator Conference
      > Department of Modern Languages
      > Swansea University
      > GB-Swansea SA2 8PP
      > E-mail: author-translator@...
      > Fax: +44 (0)1792 295710
      > Web: http://www.author-translator.net
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