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Opportunity of a life time

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  • mkatz289@att.net
    Hello Friend, I thought I’d drop you an update as I’m just completing my first week in this lucrative, simple, and lite program – Rocket Cash Cycler. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2013
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      Hello Friend,
      I thought I’d drop you an update as I’m just completing my first week in this
      lucrative, simple, and lite program – Rocket Cash Cycler. I feel pretty darned
      excited and very good about what we have here in Rocket Cash Cycler! The program
      utilizes a unique team-oriented 2x3 board, or fixed matrix. It’s a really
      dynamic and fun model which moves very fast. More on this and it’s highly
      lucrative nature in a bit. And by the way, the product not only has tremendous
      value, but is highly functional. People really love the product and derive
      value from it! RefreshingJ

      Gary Wood is my sponsor. Gary’s background is in insurance and the investment
      field. He’s a very solid person. Gary and Bob Chapman contacted me with RCC a
      week ago. I’ve know Bob for over 15 years and he is also very solid and of high
      character. They have an excellent track record of only working programs that
      make lots of money. So when they contacted me last week, I listened! They’re
      very well connected to leadership and the owners in RCC. We have a close
      relationship with the master distributor – Lorrie Trotter. I’d love to
      introduce you to Lorrie, as I feel she can enhance your perspective and help you
      to see the incredible potential we have here.
      There are currently only 500 distributors on board, as we are still in the
      pre-launch stage. I feel strongly that this program will hit 100,000
      distributors this year, so we are literally on the ground floor. Spill-over is
      indeed a factor in this program, but I can explain more of this aspect and how
      if one engages with our team in this early pre-launch stage, they can benefit
      greatly – to say the least!

      Based on our first week of participation, and with our past experience with this
      2x3 payplan (I personally made $80,000 over a 6 week period with a much less
      effective version of this plan more than 10 years ago), we feel strongly that
      regular $5,000 cycles – a few+ per month is VERY reasonable in the early
      stages! Six figures in the first 3-6 months is very realistic!
      Here is the link to check out the website which we all get as an affiliate:
      http://www.rocketcashcycler.com/join/?u=mkatz289Check out the few links at the
      top of the site including the product link.
      Don’t join yet though, as this is only a generic link. But, first things
      first. I’d like for you to investigate by checking this link out, along with
      the following links to enhance your understanding.
      And here’s an excellent webinar overview of the program, including the products
      as well as the business opportunity: the highly-lucrative 2x3 and 2x2
      CASHCYCLERS! http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/rq8r6g (13 minutes)
      Or, here’s the YouTube link of the same webinar which also includes Q&A (23
      minutes total): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXc4MQM5MOs
      Next, this short video provides an excellent illustration of how the boards
      work. You’ll pick up some of the extra nuances here which set this program
      aside from other 2x3’s which some of us have experienced in the past.
      Lastly, and perhaps most important, this program is very lite, so the fun-factor
      is highJ The relatively low cost of $315 (one-time) is very do-able for most
      people. And, people are looking for something along these lines today, as most
      of us need to make money now! Because of all this, plus the history of this
      dynamic money-making model, strong leaders in the industry will be pouring into
      Rocket Cash Cycler in the coming weeks. I’m committed to helping you build a
      team which will propel us all to huge success in 2013 and beyond!

      Let’s talk soon.
      Michael Katz
      (Sponsor Username Mkatz289)

      Happy New Year to all my Friends and Family as well as all the people they care
      about. New year is a time for new beginnings as well re-evaluating our lives as
      they are right now. The smallest changes in our habits or behaviors will create
      the greatest results in the long run. If you work on improving an area of your
      life by 1% and do this every day for a year, would you have a 365% improvement
      rate after 1 year?............................................ Sorry it would be
      much more than that because the 1% starts to compound day after day. Remember
      "The smallest changes bring the greatest results".

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