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  • Samantha O'Kelley
    WNC Security Specialists Protection and Security Designed to Meet Your Needs, and Tailored to Fit Your Budget .... At WNC Security Specialists we look out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2008
      WNC Security Specialists

      " Protection and Security Designed to Meet Your Needs, and Tailored
      to Fit Your Budget"

      At WNC Security Specialists we look out for your needs and safety.
      When you use our service, you are our number one priority. We offer
      the following services for your residence or business, and all at
      VERY affordable prices, you wont know how affordable unless you ask.
      Give us a call, you wont be sorry.

      Personal Protection Service


      We offer "Personal Protection Service" for anyone coming to the
      Asheville area, or surrounding areas.

      We offer 3 types of Protection Services

      1) Out Front (Visible) - This is where EVERYONE knows you have
      personal protection/bodyguard (alot of the times, this isnt really
      the best, even though it is the most common)

      2) Passive/Subtle (Shadowing) - This is where we will shadow you from
      a safe distance, and all the while not being noticed, but the client
      knows we are there( This is one of the best types of protective
      services for someone visiting the area, bands, models, or a small
      group of friends going out and just wanting to enjoy themselves , and
      for them to feel comfortable, knowing they are safe and secure, while
      the entire time having the fun that they planned on.
      We only step in when protection is needed, or someone is bothering
      you or you feel threatened in anyway)

      3) Date-Guard (also Shadow type protection) - Meeting someone for the
      first time should be a fun experience and you shouldnt be scared. We
      will be with you in a passive protection mode, until you tell us our
      job is done.


      We offer small to medium sized event security and/or security
      consulting before the event.

      Private parties, Weddings, Graduation parties etc.....

      We make sure your even doesn't get crashed by unwanted people, and if
      you need us to take care of any situation that may arise during the

      Personal and Personnel Safety....

      We will evaluate and assess your residence or business. We will
      provide you with suggestions, improvements, and course of action.
      Assessments/evaluations made for safety and possible prevention of
      injuries to employees or residents.....

      Crime Prevention....

      Crime Prevention Assessment and Evaluation for your residence or
      business, including a comprehensive checklist filled out by a
      security professional. We will provide you with suggestions on
      improvements to be made and course of action for you to take to make
      your residence or business more secure and less likely to be a victim
      of a burglary, theft, robbery, shoplifting, drive-offs from gas
      stations and much more.....

      Home & Business Inventory and Tagging....

      Home or Business Inventory and tagging of items for possible fast
      recovery from a crime.....

      Loss Prevention....

      We will provide you with suggestions and course of action for
      prevention on loss of materials or personal items for your business
      or residence.....

      Fire Safety....

      Your residence or business will be assessed and evaluated for
      possible fire safety hazards. You will be provided with suggestions
      and course of action for the employer or resident to be taken.....

      Self Defense Instruction for Security/Bouncers and also Group
      Instructional Classes.....

      Provided for personal and personnel. Employees and Employers, or
      Homeowners and more will be given basic self-defense techniques. Each
      class will be tailored to the environment and type of business or

      Awareness, Recognition, and Recall ....

      Suspect recognition and recall is something that is extremely
      important to law enforcement officers when investigating a crime, and
      just as important to solve a case. We will teach you techniques to
      help with this type of recall. We will also teach environment
      awareness, and recognition. This is where you know your surroundings
      and what to look for so you do not just enter into a dangerous
      situation, and hopefully can avoid one.....

      Research & Evidence Specialists, Personal Investigation Service ....

      We can provide research and evidence gathering services including but
      not limited to, surveillance, domestic/marriage issues (ie Infidelity
      Issues), person locating, Date Check and more.....

      We offer a service that we feel is not only unique in nature but is
      also needed asset to the community. We do know that even with the
      best police departments and emergency services around, they cannot be
      at your residence or business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for
      365 days a year. That's where we come in, we are offering a service
      that will provide you with the ways and means to make your residence
      or business less likely to be a victim of a crime, to make your
      residence or business less likely to have the need for emergency
      services. Although we do know that nothing is absolute or 100%, we
      feel that we can at least increase your odds in the favor of safety.

      CALL 24/7 365 828-551-9658
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