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The Summer 2003 Moratorium Campaign ENewsletter

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  • jeneokeefe33
    The Summer 2003 Moratorium Campaign E-Newsletter is now available online at the following link: http://www.moratoriumcampaign.org/newsletter/index.lasso Check
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2003
      The Summer 2003 Moratorium Campaign E-Newsletter is now available online at the following link:


      Check out the latest news and action alerts in the effort to freeze executions. And now is a fantastic time to renew your membership to The Moratorium Campaign. Right now, get a FREE "Death Penalty is Unjust" t-shirt with your donation of $35 or more!

      Here's a quick look at what you will find in the Summer Newsletter:

      Louisiana Inmate Acquitted and Released
      John Thompson was exonerated and released May 9th from Louisiana State Penitentiary - a free man for the first time in 18 years. He the nation's 108th exoneration in just the last three decades.

      Greetings from Sister Helen Prejean
      As you can see from the wonderful articles in this issue, a lot has been happening in the fight to halt executions.

      Journey of Hope Plans Ohio Tour
      Journey of Hope...From Violence to Healing is an organization that educates the public about alternatives to the death penalty.

      Florida Cuts Death Penalty Defense Office
      A compromise between the Florida House and Senate has seen the abolition of one of the offices responsible for defending poor death row inmates in their post-conviction appeals.

      The North Carolina Senate Approves Moratorium Bill
      The North Carolina Senate made a historic decision April 30th, passing a bill for a moratorium on executions by a vote of 29-21.

      Indigent Defense Act Passes in Georgia
      The state of Georgia recently addressed the question of what exactly the Constitution guarantees to poor defendants with no money to hire their own lawyer.

      Forty Years of Gideon
      In 1963 the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision in Gideon v. Wainwright that solidified the Court's stance that the state should provide defense lawyers for poor defendants.

      Crime Lab Scandals Cast Doubt on Convictions
      Across the nation, problems with local crime labs are sparking debate over criminal convictions.

      A Human Rights Approach to Prison Management
      The International Centre for Prison Studies has produced a new handbook called A Human Rights Approach to Prison Management.

      Supreme Court Overturns Maryland Death Sentence
      The U.S. Supreme Court closed out its term in June with a landmark decision on the right to an effective lawyer.

      Juvenile Death Penalty - Battle in the States and the Supreme Court As state legislatures kicked off their 2003 sessions, moratorium supporters were optimistic over a string of bills that would raise the minimum age for death-eligible crimes to 18.

      Illinois Death Penalty Reforms Await Governor's Approval Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has maintained the moratorium on executions set by former Governor George Ryan in 2000 and now has the chance to promote justice further.

      Mental Retardation Proves Difficult Issue for States to Tackle The Supreme Court's ruling that executions of the mentally retarded are unconstitutional has states scurrying to fall into line.

      Death Penalty Under Fire in California
      Moratorium supporters converged on the capitol in Sacramento for the second annual Moratorium Day in California.

      Presidential Candidate Introduces Anti-DP Legislation
      On June 24, 2003 Congressman and presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich of Ohio introduced The Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2003.

      PLUS take a look at upcoming events and Sister Helen Prejean's speaking schedule.

      Spread the word! Pass this message along to your friends and e-mail networks.

      The Moratorium Campaign
      Toll Free 1-877-226-0811
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