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609Trading and "The Lure Of Easy Money"

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  • cte apmos
    Sep 12, 2007
      Trading and "The Lure Of Easy Money" Damm, I can't get this song out of my head!
      Do you ever find yourself all of a sudden singing or humming in your head some song for no apparent reason? It gets stuck and keeps going round and round in an endless loop. Please say this happens to you too so I don't feel so crazy. :-)
      Anyway, out of the blue I had this line pop into my head. "The lure of easy money is so hard to refuse". It is from a song called "Smugglers Blues" by Glen Fry. As some of you know, he was from the 70's super group, "The Eagles".
      Anyway, his song was featured in one of the episodes of Miami Vice way back in the 80's. (seems like a second ago)
      What's this got to do with trading? Trust me I am getting there!


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