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6I am joining this club dammit! :)

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  • hemidemi1
    Mar 1 4:15 PM
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      I would just like to say I am very interested in
      the upcoming new installment of this story. I have
      seen the first movie several times and also read the
      book. I feel these three have been done a great
      injustice! And so have the three murdered children because
      their killer still goes free.<br>I would also like to
      say KUDOS to the founder of this club I think it is
      great that people beleive that Damien Jason and Jessie
      are innocent and deserve to be free. I have my own
      opinions on who I suspect the real killer to be. All the
      so called "facts" of this case are bullshit but
      people have turned a deaf ear and refuse to beleive our
      justice system is wrong, someone - somewhere needs to do
      something before its too late.......................
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