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  • shockadelica99_2000
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi. I want to ask Nikitajose a little more about
      the rally. First, why July 15? I'm especially curious
      why that day since you think the hearing will occur
      previous to the 15th. Is it an aniversary or a time
      perioud that would have an affect on the trial? Also, I'm
      unclear about your organization that you spoke of. Who do
      you mean when you say we? I am also from Kansas so I
      might be interested in knowing more about local
      organizations. Finally, have really been able to speak to Burke?
      How did you manage that? I figured he would be pretty
      hard to contact after all of this national publicity.
      I'm not asking this just to question you. I'm
      interested to see how many ways I can become involved in
      this case and attempt to affect it positively. Thank
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