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287Re: PhUk AuThoRity

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  • # Heilige Hexe #
    Sep 13, 2003
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      Hear ya! Hear ya! I'm into goth music & style, wear black too and while I do
      not practice wicca, I read about it and am interested in it. And I totally
      agree with you. Unfortunately though, I have not had the chance to read the
      book or watch the movies because I can't get them here, where I live
      I'm disgusted with how the "law" works and I can't even begin to imagine
      what these guys had already been though. It just makes me want to scream out
      of helplessness. I'm 23 now, I remember when I was 17, 18 and to think at
      that time their lives have been practicaly stolen and their whole youth
      ruined...It is just too sad and unbelieveable that people can actually
      convict others even without solid proofs....

      #Heilige Hexe#

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      Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 01:27:36 -0000
      From: "Purity" <sadisticchrist666@...>
      Subject: PhUk AuThoRity

      I remember the first time i ever heard about the wm3.it was in 2000.
      i was at my friend doug's house and he had been bugging me to watch
      this show he recorded back in 93. i agreed and i watched in disgust.
      i was mainly pissed off because of the reasons they convicted the 3
      guys. the next day i went out and bought Devils Knot. i read the
      book in one night and was still pissed off. i can relate to the guys
      because i listen to heavy metal, i wear all black, and i practice
      wicca..but that doesnt mean i kill people. i hate the fact that the
      justice system needed a scapegoat and they found the perfect ones, a
      goth, a loner, and dumb one (not to be taken to offense. i respect
      them more than anything). anyone feel the same as me?!?

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