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  • Purity
    Sep 5, 2003
      I remember the first time i ever heard about the wm3.it was in 2000.
      i was at my friend doug's house and he had been bugging me to watch
      this show he recorded back in 93. i agreed and i watched in disgust.
      i was mainly pissed off because of the reasons they convicted the 3
      guys. the next day i went out and bought Devils Knot. i read the
      book in one night and was still pissed off. i can relate to the guys
      because i listen to heavy metal, i wear all black, and i practice
      wicca..but that doesnt mean i kill people. i hate the fact that the
      justice system needed a scapegoat and they found the perfect ones, a
      goth, a loner, and dumb one (not to be taken to offense. i respect
      them more than anything). anyone feel the same as me?!?

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