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275Re: [Free The West Memphis Three] What can we do?

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  • Michael Tregoning
    Aug 3, 2003
      There are many ways in which you can help the West Memphis 3 in their plight. Some great things you can do are listed on a website that is very comprehensive and keep folks who are interested and concerned updated.
      Go to http://www.wm3.org and you can make donations directly into the prison commissary fund of any of the boys you choose and if you don't choose it is put into a pool of money that is divided evenly. Also, at the site, you can make contributions to the defense funds of the boys so that they can pay for their legal representation in the appeals process. Some of this money also goes into testing of evidence, such as the DNA evidence they are now dealing with. This type of testing is very expensive .
      Another more obvious thing we all can do is raise awareness about the case and open the eyes of as many people around the world as possible so that the support overwhelms the system that has dragged these guys down.

      Hope this helps,


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