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267Re: wm3 question-please answer

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  • A.P.S.
    Jul 1, 2003

      Sorry I diddn't get your email. I never check this Yahoo one. Here
      is where I got the Freemason info.

      Blood of Innocents by Guy Reel page 14

      "Byers was no more tolerant than the rural Arkansas delta that had
      spawned him. He was a mix of seeming incongruities: A cigeratte
      smoking Baptist and gun-toting family man, both a Freemason and a
      free spirit."

      Devil's Knot by Mara Leveritt page 305

      "'This is a deep story,' he said. 'I was a thirty-second degree
      Mason.' I went from my big fine home and being a respectale citizen
      to feeling like I'm just an outcast thrown to the bottom of the pit."

      Peace and Free the 3!
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