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  • proopskitten
    Nov 1 7:17 PM
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      you know, ever since paradise loct premiered on
      hbo i have been horrified about our countries laws
      and loopholes. i still fail to understand how they
      can remain in prison after all these years convicted
      on no evidence. i want to know why nothing has been
      done, why their convictions cannot be overturned. where
      are the people that stand up for the innocent and try
      to right the wrongs of the justice system? where are
      those celebrities who claim to care about the wm3, why
      are they not lending their voices to the cause to get
      the government to take notice of three innocent men
      imprisoned for the duration of their lives. (or, sentenced
      to death, in damiens case.) anyone would be
      horrified knowing that they live in a country where no
      evidence is good enough to result in a conviction. i was
      15 when they were sentenced and all i could think
      was "this could have been me and my friends". it's a
      scary thought when literature and appearance can
      determine what people choose to do to you. kind of reminds
      you of nazi germany, doesn't it?
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