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  • hollywoodscreennames
    Mar 8, 2001
      For the club. Ever since HBO aired the program I
      have been dismayed by the fact that our wonderful
      legal system (sarcastic) can put weight on the way we
      live, and imprison you for that. I am WICCAN,not a
      'devil' worshiper,nor a killer. I have friends who are a
      french fry short of a happy meal, not killers. I have
      friends who would follow my every move, people that are
      followers....not killers. <br>What I have described above are the
      three children (now young men)that were accused of
      murder....as you can see, their profiles are not
      uncommon.<br>I am a 34 year old male who lives a life I decided
      to chose, not what the 'norm' is supposed to
      be.<br>I read a post a couple before this one where the
      person stated that us 'freaks'(himself included)should
      be the killers people say we are. Why are we the
      freaks? What about the person that talks to the air and
      expects a response....maybe not the one he is looking
      for, but a response none the less? Sins all week long
      and 'repents' to a person who will forgive him
      because he is a messenger to their god....imagine the
      postal bill!lol.<br>What I am saying is this....we all
      have to have something to blame for the bad, and
      something to ask for for forgiveness(hope you get that last
      part)....we can't accept any responsibility for
      ourselves....something else always makes us do it! That is the christian
      view....I like the greeks view of the GODS....a GOD for
      everything and a thing for every GOD.<br>WHEW....sorry, I
      went off on a rampage there. I am behind these three
      young men. The wrong will be righted....you just have
      to believe it's so.
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