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Beware - viper in our midst

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  • Linda Tant Miller
    Dear Friends: As most of you know, from time-to-time I am forced to out someone who is a lying, scheming, manipulating time-bandit. This is never easy for
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      Dear Friends:

      As most of you know, from time-to-time I am forced to "out" someone who is a lying, scheming, manipulating time-bandit. This is never easy for me, and this one is especially difficult because her involvement on prison reform lists is my fault.

      Her name is Angela Robinson, and her "fiancee" is named John Caldwell. He is doing life in AR, where there is no parole for any life sentences.

      In deference to those who are made uncomfortable by dischord, I will make this brief and rather general. For those who want more information, please contact me directly at tantsy@...

      The problem with Angela is that she will drive you nuts with excessive emails if you let her, requires continual emotional support, believes everything John -- who is a sniveling, whining, manipulating, and controlling PUNK -- tells her, and once you can no longer tolerate her hysteria and excessive demands on you and your time and cut her loose, she will try to destroy you.

      Since I have known her she first tried to ruin the reputation of Dee Sharp, of the Little Rock Disabilities Commission after Dee had special boots made for John, and then closed the case. Angela insisted that Dee was "throwing John to the wolves" by closing his case -- which Dee had no choice in doing, once the boots were delivered. She bad-mouthed Dee and her work continually after she closed the case.

      Angela had led me to believe that she and John had known and been engaged to one another prior to his incarceration, and it took her about 2-1/2 years to tell me that he is her third prisoner "fiancee" whom she has NEVER MET in person. What she does is write letters to high-profile prisoners whose cases she sees on TV, and if they respond she begins sending them money, accepting their phone calls and calling them her "fiancee". She "met" John when she wrote to Heath Stocks, whose case is frequently shown on American Justice and The System. John and Heath were cell mates, so Heath "passed her along" to John.

      For the last few months of our association Angela was consuming so much of my time and attention that I kept telling her to join some prison e-mail lists, hoping that by having other people to talk to about John, and having the opportunity to interact with others who are suffering because of incarceration, she would calm down. Most of all, I just wanted her to give me a break. Finally, she agreed to permit me to put her on my lists, and have a few other people put her on theirs. So it's my fault she's in our midst, and for that I most humbly apologize. I hope with this email to undo the harm I've done.

      As she told me more and more details of their "relationship" -- the fact that she sends him $200 to $300 of the welfare money meant for her CHILDREN, and ADMITTED to me that doing so takes food off her table and clothes off her children's backs; told me that when she doesn't do EXACTLY what he tells her to do, when he tells her to do it he repeatedly calls, and when she answers the phone he just screams at her, or repeatedly calls and hangs up after she accepts the charges; gets her phone disconnected regularly because of excessive phone calls, etc. -- I began to realize that she's just a "mark" for John, and after polling several folks for advice on what to do, I told her so. At that point she stopped communicating with me, and began to try to slur my reputation, as she had done Dee's. I just ignored that, until she lied in an attempt to ruin the career of an attorney I like and respect a lot. That was when I knew I had to warn everyone about her.

      At one point she had asked me to refer her to an attorney, and I referred her to the only AR attorney I trust. Last week I learned that she had harrassed that attorney to such an extent that the attorney had been forced to drop John's case. At that point Angela filed a COMPLETELY FALSE charge against that attorney, claiming that she had revealed privileged client/attorney information to me, and trying to have her dis-barred! Of course, nothing will come of this, but I have spent the past week being forced to read through old emails to find documentation of the method by which I came to have the PARTIAL information I have, and demonstrate to the AR Bar Association the warped character of Angela Robinson.

      I am so angry that she is attempting to destroy this wonderful and ethical attorney by making up a pack of LIES, and involving me in it. I then learned from the AR Bar Association that Angela has done THIS SAME THING to several other attorneys who had tried to help John, but been harrassed by Angela -- at John's insistence -- to the point where they, too had dropped his case.

      John ALWAYS has some whine going on. At first it was the boots, then it was "internal bleeding". I guess they finally realized that folks would realize that if he were bleeding internally, especially to the extent they claimed, he would have been dead long ago, so NOW their story is that he's being "poisoned" by a guard because of the fact that John's white and Angela is black, and as a result of this "poisoning" John has tumors in his breasts and eyes. Bottom line is that John is determined to keep those big bucks rolling in and using Angela as his "hammer" to harrass those folks he can't contact directly. The sad part is that one of these days he will have a REAL problem, and he and Angela will have "cried wolf" so many times that they will be ignored.

      The bottom line is that Angela will become a full-time job if you let her, and once you stop letting her she will try to destoy you, no matter how close a friendship you think you have with her. She has NO self-esteem, and is desperate for attention. She's also apprently pretty stupid to keep falling for John's whines and giving in to his controlling manipulation of her emotions and her wallet. I felt sorry for her until I saw that trying to destroy those who have had enough of her -- even when she has to make up LIES to do it -- is her standard M.O.

      As I said, if you want more details, just email me and I'll be glad to answer any questions. It's just really important that those who value their time and sanity avoid Angela Robinson LIKE THE PLAGUE. Again, I apologize for inflicting her on the prison reform community.

      OCTOBER 18

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