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    First of all, I d like to apologize for the crosspost. It won t happen again. It s just that I joined a couple of lists at the same time and don t know yet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
      First of all, I'd like to apologize for the crosspost. It won't happen
      again. It's just that I joined a couple of lists at the same time and don't
      know yet which are active and which aren't, so I figured I'd send the same
      intro post to all, and will go from there...meaning I'll see who wants to
      talk with me ;)

      Anyways...I live in Poland and I've found out about the WM3 only a few days
      ago, when, after having watched a documentary about Wicca, Druids etc on BBC
      channel the day before, I was browsing the internet in search for some more
      info on it. One link led to another and finally I got to the WM3 website.

      Needless to say, I cried while I was reading the site. I'm wholeheartedly on
      the guys' side and when I think of their whole youths so horribly stolen
      from them, it makes me feel even worse that there's not much I can do to
      help. I did send a letter to Damien today, hopefully it reaches him and
      brings him at least a little enjoyment.

      Of course my heart goes out to the families who lost their children and I
      cannot accept the fact that the real murderer is out free and three innocent
      people lost so much already, paying for what they didn't do.

      Myself, I'm what you would call a "goth", I dress mostly black, I listen to
      certain music, lately I got interested in Wicca, but in all this I'm in no
      way connected to Satanism or any other evil deeds. From what I know about
      Wicca so far, it's a lovely religion, based on the respect for nature and
      living beings.
      I come from a catholic family, like most of the Polish people but while I
      have a huge respect for some of the ideas, I feel more and more ashamed of
      the people who are of this faith. But that's not the point here and in no
      way do I wish to start some religious arguments nor offend anyone who
      happens to be a catholic because I do know that there are many wonderful
      ones (my own mother included ;).

      Finding out about the case hit me pretty hard. I can't even begin to imagine
      what the guys must have been through... I would go on, but I feel kind of
      intimidated posting to all these lists...I'd love to get in touch and talk
      with other WM3 supporters. I have some questions too, but I'll save those
      for the next time.

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