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  • Linda C. Miller
    Dear friends: In recent months I have added new pages to the Murdered Prisoners web site, and created two new ones. Please re-visit the Murdered Prisoners web
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2003
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      Dear friends:

      In recent months I have added new pages to the Murdered Prisoners web site, and created two new ones.

      Please re-visit the Murdered Prisoners web site at http://www.geocities.com/prisonmurder

      The first new site is the story of Bill French, the brother of our friend Pam Adams, and his death in a "prison hospice" in Indiana. Pam's first-hand account of this tragedy is fully domumented on the site "TWO WEEKS IN A SUPER-MAX PRISON WITH MY DYING BROTHER". This poignant and wrenching story is one you won't soon forget. It's at http://www.geocities.com/billy_gene_french

      The other new site is Prison Prep, and is the web site of Parents of Prisoners Support (POPS), which deals with the WA State juvenile justice system. Both the organization and the web site are brand new, so if you are in WA state and are concerned about juvenile justice, please visit the site and join POPS. The site is at http://www.geocities.com/prison_prep

      For those of you who have web sites, I will welcome you to make links to my sites, and I in return will link to yours from all of mine. Just send me back a message indicating you want me to add your site to my links page, and I will do so. In addition to those listed above, here is a list of my web sites and their subjects:

      MY BROTHER WAS A BLOOD COW FOR THE ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION - the story of the death of my brother, Bud Tant due to untreated hepatitis, and assaults by staff during the final weeks of his life, and of the Cummins Unit plasma program through which millions of people all over the world are sick and dying from hepatitis and AIDS.

      BLOODBATH IN THE DARK AND EVIL WORLD - this site contains actual ADC photos of suicides, assaults, crime scenes, and confiscated weapons. Caution: This site is quite bloody and gruesome

      FREE JOHN MOSS - John is doing Life without the possibility of parole for being at the scene of a crime he neither knew was going to happen nor participted in, and in spite of the fact that he saved the life of the victim's wife by pushing her aside and taking the bullet meant for her in his own carotid artery. He almost died - instead, he's buried alive in the Dark and Evil World of the Arkansas DOC.

      DARK AND EVIL WORLD - a look inside the Dark and Evil World of the Arkansas DOC through the eyes of those confined there.

      DOWN ON THE FARM - where life means life. This site contains poignant stories of some of those confined on the Arkansas DOC's Cummins Unit Farm - where life MEANS life.

      PRISON PROFESSIONALS - articles and essays by current and former DOC staff, who recongize the truth about America's prisons

      Thanks for your support, and for any links you may offer.

      Peace and blessings,

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