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Tainted Plasma Film, Media Contacts Info

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  • Linda Tant Miller
    Dear Friends: As many of you know, I became an activist in an attempt to bring to justice those prison administrators and medical personnel who ran the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      Dear Friends:

      As many of you know, I became an activist in an attempt to bring to justice those prison administrators and "medical personnel" who ran the notorious Cummins Unit plasma center, through which MILLIONS of people all over the world have been infected with hepatitis and/or HIV/AIDS and all other blood-borne diseases, and to help obtain compensation for the victims and/or their survivors.

      Among those guilty of global murder in the implementation of the plasma center are the current ADC Superintendent, Larry Norris; the current ADC Medical Administrator, John Byus; Current Liason to AR Lt. Governor Rockafeller, Leonard Dunn; and "Dr." Francis (Bud) Henderson. "Dr." Henderson was the owner of Health Management Associates, the HMO contracted to provide health care to AR prisoners and run the plasma center. Today "Dr." Henderson is Chairman of NaphCare, the HMO currently in charge of denying medical care to prisoners in Alabama.

      The culmination of my effort to bring these "men" to justice and provide their victims compensation is finally dawning, but we need your help to make sure the facts of this atrocity are made available to the American public so that they may have the opportunity to demand justice.

      After harvesting plasma from prisoners they KNEW to be infected with blood-borne diseases, the Arkansas Department of Correction sold it to pharmaceutical companies called Fractionators. The Fractionators pooled the plasma into vats containing hundreds of gallons of plasma, and produced medicines from it:

      Cryoprecipitate, Factor 8 and Factor 9 are blood clotting agents, used to control hemmorhaging. These products made from disease-infected plasma, have infected millions of people and have wiped out virtually all of the males in some families of hemophiliacs.

      Fibrinogen, another blood clotting agent made from human plasma, is most often administered to control severe bleeding during and after childbirth. It's estimated that between 10,000 and 3 million young mothers and their children in Japan alone, are sick and/or dying from administration of this medicine.

      Information about this INTENTIONAL global mass murder of innocents has been available to the people of the rest of the world for years, while the American media have thus far maintained an almost complete blackout of this story. Even when more than 3,000 Canadian hemophiliacs who had been infected through contaminated blood products held a protest and news conference in WA DC, NO U.S. media reported it!

      There have been a few news articles about it in limited-distribution mediums; in 1999 CNN did a 10 minute report they got ALL WRONG; and also in 1999, the 700 Club did a mediocre 2-part series about it, but no one has yet reached enough people with enough information to mobilize the American people to demand justice in this case. MOST Americans are completely unaware of it.

      Although documentaries about this atrocity have been aired in the UK, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and a couple of countries I can't think of right now, NO WHERE has THE ENTIRE STORY, from the mouths of the participants yet been told - until now. My friend and associate, Kelly Duda of Concrete Films has just completed the production of his film FACTOR 8: THE ARKANSAS PRISON BLOOD SCANDAL, and has submitted it to HBO/Cinemax as well as to TLC/Discovery Channel, both of which are considering whether they will air it.

      Kelly has been the source of MOST of the information the world has about this to date, and now he has put it all together in his own film.

      Some of those appearing in the film are John Byus and "Dr." Bud Henderson, who sweat and lie their way through it, until they slip up and admit "mistakes were made"; Mike Galster, former ADC doctor who wrote the novel "Blood Trail", and whose clinic was firebombed while he was assisting on this film; a medical professional who worked at the plasma center while he was in college, and whose life was threatened if he ever spoke about it; current prisoners, who have suffered various forms of retaliation by the ADC for their cooperation in the making of this film; and a former prisoner who worked in the plasma center "disappeared" soon after his filmed interview with Kelly.

      The purpose of this letter is to ask you to e-mail HBO/Cinemax as well as TLC/Discovery Channel, and ask them to air "FACTOR 8: THE ARKANSAS PRISON BLOOD SCANDAL"

      At HBO/Cinemax, please e-mail:

      Nancy Abraham
      VP, Original Programming, Documentaries

      At TLC/Discovery Channel, please e-mail:

      Laura Thompson
      Acquisitions and Programming

      These ladies have the power to air this film or not, so it's REALLY IMPORTANT that we flood their In Boxes with requests to see this film.

      I give you my absolute word of honor that YOU WANT TO SEE THIS FILM!!! EVERYONE in the world - and especially those in America - NEED to see this film.

      For more information about this atrocity, please visit my web site, My Brother was a Blood Cow for the Arkansas Department of Correction http://www.geocities.com/bloodcows

      The link titled "The Plasma Center" is a first-person account of the workings of the center, written by inmate Rolf Kaestel, former Editor of the Cummins Unit's Inmate Newspaper, The Long Line Writer, and author of most of the Dark and Evil World web site at http://www.maxpages.com/darkevilworld
      They transferred Rolf to Utah where he can't expose them any more.

      The link titled Blood Trail will take you to the Free Republic's archives of news articles from around the world about the tainted blood scandal.

      The link titled Blood River is the story of my family's involvement with the plasma center, and our struggles with the ADC during the course of my brother's dying.

      I implore everyone to write to Ms. Abraham and Ms. Thompson right now. Just a one-line message saying, "Please air FACTOR 8: THE ARKANSAS PRISON BLOOD SCANDAL" will do, if that's all you have time for. If we overwhelm them with interest, they will be sure to air this program, and if America is still America, justice and compensation will soon follow.

      Peace and blessings,


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