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3 Media Projects Need Input

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  • Linda Tant Miller
    NOTE: New E-mail address may be temporary... Dear Friends: When my brother, Bud Tant died a horrendous death due to untreated hepatitis B & C in a prison in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2003
      NOTE: New E-mail address may be temporary...

      Dear Friends:

      When my brother, Bud Tant died a horrendous death due to untreated hepatitis B & C in a prison in Arkansas, it was a nightmare nothing in my 51 years of life had prepared me for. I believed that this was something that could NEVER happen anywhere in America, other than Arkansas. I believed that once I let the world know what goes on within the Dark and Evil World of the ADC, it would generate such outrage that those who work there would hang their heads in shame, resign in hoardes, and that those who are source of the evil of that world would themselves be brought instantly to justice.

      Today, having learned that Arkansas prisons are the rule, rather than the exception all across this country, I find it hard to believe I was ever that incredibly naive.

      During the five years I've been involved in prison reform, the numbers of deaths inside prisons due to medical neglect and/or malpractice, through direct murder by staff members, and through failure to provide adequate security to prevent prisoners from murdering other prisoners, seems to have grown steadily.

      A couple of years ago I established the Murdered Prisoners web site which deals with those deaths inside prisons which are NOT state executions.

      During the course of establishing that web site, I have come to know many families of prisoners murdered by the states thru methods other than execution. I have discovered that what we go through is unique in many ways, because what we and our loved ones endured leaves so many things unresolved - and unresolvable for the rest of the lives of the families who endure this.

      I have discovered that the families of people who die in prisons have been made CRIME VICTIMS, and the perpetrators are the public servants and governments we pay for.

      I decided we need to have our story told, and I decided to write it. The working title of the book is "Doing Life After Death - Innocent Victims of American Justice", and I'm seeking people who have endured the loss of someone in prison, who are willing to share with the world what it has done to THEIR families, THEIR lives, THEIR physical health!

      If you are someone who has lost someone in prison and have not yet contacted me, please do it now. I create memorial pages on the Murdered Prisoners web site for free - absolutely no strings attached whatsoever. I want the world to see this - the human beings and their families who are being destroyed by a corrupt system of justice and corrections.

      The url for the Murdered Prisoners site is http://www.geocities.com/prisonmurder
      for anyone who hasn't yet visited this heartbreakingly gruesome site, or who wants to see if they want a page there for someone they love.

      I will be contacting those with whom I've already worked on web pages for their loved ones individually, for additional input for the book.

      Shirley Dicks is also working on another book. It will be about cases of prisoners who were killed or wish they were dead, as a result of "medical treatment" they received while in prison. If you or anyone you know can provide her input for her book, please contact Shirley at sdicks@...

      Coming up next week

      On Monday I will be sending out a message asking everyone to send an email to a particular executive at HBO. I will be providing you an email address of someone whose name most of you will recognize immediately, and IMPLORE you to drop her a line and ask that she assure that HBO airs a film titled "Factor 8; The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal". She has the power to air or reject it. If we all write to her, we can help assure that she decides to air it.

      This film documents CRIMES committed by the Arkansas Department of Corrections in the implementation of the notorious plasma center, which has sickened and murdered millions all over the world.

      If you don't already know about this global atrocity, please visit my web site at http://www.geocities.com/bloodcows between now and Monday so that you'll understand how urgent it is that the people responsible - the current Superintendent of the ADC, it's Medical Administrator, and "Dr." (Francis) Bud Henderson who owned the HMO which was under contract to provide medical care to prisoners, and who ALSO owned part of the prison plasma center - be brought to justice!

      Today, this SAME "Dr. Henderson" is listed as the Chairman of NaphCare, which is the HMO under contract to provide medical care to prisoners in Alabama. Well, guys - we all know NaphCare can ONLY mean "No Actual Prisoner Health Care". This "doctor" is running from state-to-state, making millions of dollars a year of OUR MONEY to murder prisoners through medical neglect. He really has himself a racket going here - we have to stop him, before he makes it to YOUR STATE NEXT!

      Depending on the numbers of folks who visit my web sites per hour, they are sometimes taken down for the latter part of the hour in which the "hit limit per hour" for free sites kicks in, so if you get the message telling you the site has exceeded it's transfer allocation limit for that hour, PLEASE return in an hour or so, and begin to learn about this American-made atrocity.

      Thanks for reading this whole email, and please forward it far and wide.


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