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Secular Pen-Pals vs. Pen-Pal ministry

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    Dear Saints! After our first publication How To Do a Pen-Pal Ministry I received many letters. As we have announced, we will go through the entire article
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2005
      Dear Saints!

      After our first publication "How To Do a Pen-Pal Ministry" I
      received many letters.

      As we have announced, we will go through the entire article
      together, paragraph-by-paragraph, discussing it, giving feedback and
      bringing samples from our experience to prove the point.

      But first we have to clarify one issue.

      Much of first-wave mail came criticizing Church-based approach to
      Pen-Pal ministry. I deeply respect all opinions, as they have come
      from concerned people who took their time to share a thought. I
      really appreciate all the mail. I think we have a mixture of
      opinions coming from two perspectives. (There are values in both!)

      Let's have a subject for our discussion in the upcoming week - "What
      is the difference between Secular Pen-Pal letter-writing and Pen-Pal

      All opinions, even controversial ones, will be published!

      It will be conducted here:

      <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pen-Pal"> (AOL)



      Suggested Prison Ministry newsgroups:
      <a href="http://www.prison-ministries.com"> (AOL)

      PS. If you are reading this message and not a part of Pen-Pal
      Ministry group (maybe you simply have a loved one in chains!),
      listen to your heart - it might be God, Who is calling you to
      contribute to this conversation and be heard! You are much welcomed
      to join us!

      You can subscribe by going to:

      <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pen-Pal"> (AOL)

      or send blank email to:


      I pray to our Lord Jesus right now, as I type this message:

      "Father, make this discussion available to a broad audience, bring
      new people, let us be guided, sharpened as Your tools as we learn
      from You, through mail from participants, how to do a Pen-Pal
      ministry - not our humanistic way, but Your way! Show us how to
      reveal Your Good News of Salvation, Your forgiveness and mercy to
      lonely astonished hearts in remote forgotten cells! Give us
      knowledge how to speak in Love to someone who did a horrible crime,
      as well as to an innocent, who is behind a barbed wire fence by
      mistake or circumstances. Teach us how to be helpful as You bring
      back home inmates not as criminals who "have served time", but as
      new creatures in Christ, as new law-abiding citizens of this society
      and saints of Your Kingdom! Amen!"
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