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Denial of Clemency

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  • Linda Tant Miller
    Dear Friends: I m writing today to thank everyone for their support of John s clemency, let you know my thoughts about why the clemency was denied, and let you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2004
      Dear Friends:

      I'm writing today to thank everyone for their support of John's clemency, let you know my thoughts about why the clemency was denied, and let you know about a possible new and hopeful development in Joss Moss' bid for justice.

      I was REALLY upset with myself and feeling like it was ALL MY FAULT John's clemency got denied, because those links have been on John's site FOREVER, so I just didn't "see them" any more. When no one suggested they should be removed, it didn't dawn on me to do it. I have called myself every kind of stupid I can think of and wished I had rubber legs so I could kick my own butt.

      But then, as I've managed to calm down enough to begin to think rationally and have thought the matter through more clearly, I just cannot believe that the governor denied John clemency based on the links from his web site to my other Arkansas-related web sites. It just doesn't make sense on a number of levels:

      For one thing, the governor and all of his staff have had knowledge of and access to ALL of those sites for almost 5 years. Every time I create a new ADC-related web site or page, I send the governor and all of the AR legislature who have email addresses, the url.

      But the primary thing that makes me doubt that the web site links were the problem is realizing that it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that any member of the governor's staff would have made that admission to John's attorney, even if it were true! John's attorney may have leapt to that conclusion, but I don't for an instant believe that is the real reason.

      Personally, I believe that John's attorney is trying to cover her own butt because, HAD SHE BEEN PREPARED for the clemency hearing in the first place, the subject of the web site would never even have come up. She was so completely unprepared, that she didn't even know which prisoner was John and she had NONE of the documents or information which would have convinced the Parole Board to grant his clemency application!!

      Additionally, I have tried for MONTHS to get John's attorney to contact me so that I could inform her about the web site, the Yahoo Group and the petition that are parts of the overall Free John Moss Campaign. But she has never, to this date, acknowledged, let alone returned one of my calls. Had she returned just one of those calls, she could have reviewed all of the data long before her meeting with Mr. Cox, could have advised me to remove those links and I would have done so instantly. That way, she wouldn't have had to be UNPREPARED, once again, and learned of its existence at the meeting with the Governor's Aide.

      I just can't believe that Governor Huckabee would be so petty as to deny an innocent man clemency on the basis of the fact that he doesn't like the fact that the man's friends are "too honest"!! I just can't believe that. I just can't. I believe that Governor Huckabee is a man who does what he believes is the RIGHT thing to do, even when he signs death warrants. I believe he sincerely believes that the death penalty is sometimes a just punishment - millions of otherwise kind and decent people do - and I am just sure that if we could get him to REALLY LOOK at John's case he would release him without anyone even having to ask him to. I've been really, really angry with Governor Huckabee a lot of times, but I have always believed that he believed he was doing the right thing, based on the information he had available to him, and within the constraints of Arkansas law.

      Personally, I believe that John's application just got "rubber stamped" along with a whole bunch of other cases the Board had voted to deny - he receives the cases and the Board's recommendations in "batches". I don't believe he has time enough to thorougly read and analyze them all, so he HAS to rely on the Parole Board's estimation of the cases they review.

      The HOPEFUL news is that CourtTV MAY - not by any means set in stone or anything like that - but they MAY be interested in taking on John's story. If that happens, the governor will DEFINITELY take time to investigate John's case, and I believe he will let him go home. So, I hope everyone will join me in praying that CourtTV will determine that this is a story they MUST tell so that JUSTICE may be done.

      In the meantime, please continue to pass along the url to John's petition. The petition signature count has grown to 1,054. Quite a few people have signed out of frustration over the denial of John's clemency appeal.

      Also, I owe MANY of you replies to messages you have sent me. Right now I have 940 emails to catch up on, so I am going to "disappear" and go on "No Mail" with all of my Groups for a week and get those caught up. As always, if anyone needs to contact me during that time, you may write to me at tantsy@...

      You're the greatest group of people it's ever been my privilege to know.

      Peace and blessings,
      Prison Reform Unity Project (PRUP)
      October 16 is
      A society of sheep must in time beget a
      government of wolves - Bertrand de Juvenal

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