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97Happy 2004 Easter!

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  • Prison Ministry Mail Server
    Apr 4, 2004
      As we approach Easter, and admire the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are more sensitive to sharing God's love and blessings. And this is not Death, not Burial - but Resurrection that gives us HOPE, ASSURANCE and FUTURE in our Christian walk with the Lord. This is EXACTLY the message we want to share with millions and millions of lost forgotten souls in jails and prisons around the world and in our home towns. Seems, at INPM newsgroup we are starting a nice new tradition with sister Ann's of England Easter greeting. Today we are a group of 1347 God-loving concerned Christians, disciples, teachers and those who have loved ones in chains. I have 56 replies to Ann's of England Easter greeting in just one hour after her post! It will not be possible to send all messages of blessing to the group at once. (Well, it is possible, but will create a little chaos ;-)) We invite you to post and read replies to Holiday greeting here at our forum. Each mess!
      age will go through with no delays and screening! If you are not registered yet, please go through registration. Once you are logged in, the system will remember you; you will be greeted by name and will see forum's menu differently from other guests. You will be able to read, post, and delete messages - unlimited! Again, Happy Easter to all INPM'ers! John Terrry, Admin on-duty http://PrisonMinistry.net

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