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95Undocumented feature of the Prison Ministry

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  • prisonministry@HotPOP.com
    Feb 20, 2004
      Indeed, it is a very sophisticated search, much more than it says on the page.

      Ministry or correctional Institution can be found by state, zip code, town and by using all search options together.

      Here is what I've learned by simply applying my programming knowledge to this search engine.

      First, no need to go to the bottom of the page and click "Search!" button with your mouse. Just press "Enter" on the keyboard.

      By putting " * " ( shift+8) in any search field and "Enter" you can get a listing of all ministries where they have any information in the corresponding field. For example, put * in the field "Magazine", Enter, you will get search result of 66 ministries (as of today) who publish newsletters or magazine. The same with "Books" and all other fields.

      On the bottom of the page - field "Search by category". By selecting any of the categories and simply pressing Enter, you will get all ministries involved in the specified activity. Say, you have selected "Pen-Pal ministries". As of today we have 54 of them. By selecting "Category" and a state or town you will find all ministries of this activity in a certain area.

      Here is more. Put zip code, press "enter". Here you'll find a list of all ministries and institutions in the specified area.

      Someone that you want to contact, or ask chaplain to visit with him, is in

      inmate_institution County Correctional Institute

      inmate_addr 627 XXXXX Road

      inmate_city Dallas

      inmate_usa_can_state Texas

      inmate_zip xxxxx

      inmate_country United States

      Put Dallas in the "City" box, press Enter. Here is a list of INPM'ers in this area.

      By doing combined search "Dallas" and selecting "Aftercare" in Category you will get all Aftercare ministries in Dallas.

      And finally, there is a link on the bottom of the form page.

      "Send search results to your friends and partners" - by pressing it you are able to send your search results to all your address book.

      At last, if your own ministry, outreach or institution is not listed yet, go <http://PrisonMinistry.net/join.htm>

      John Terry