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152Your Ministry Newsletter and Magazine Promotion

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  • prisonministry@HotPOP.com
    Nov 8, 2006
      Dear friends and family of the International Network of Prison Ministries:

      As our good Lord is blessing our ministry with new visions and possibilities, we want to introduce to you a new feature of INPM.

      We can make your newsletter, magazine, or almanac available to all friends and family of INPM and thousands of guest throughout the website.

      It will be listed here:

      http://freebible.us/index.php?cPath=65_61_52 and you will have a link to your publication from your page, like this:


      We are inviting you to use this opportunity to reach out to the prison ministry community and potential supporters of your ministry.

      Please send us TWO of your latest issues, (not two copies of your current publication - one new issue and one any of your old-ones).

      The reason for this is that we would like to see if your publication is not a "one time deal", and we need two different covers to be scanned.

      Along with your publication would you please send a brief description of your publication and its value to inmates, general Christian audience or to other ministries. The text must be no more than 500 words in length. Here is few samples of the attractive description:

      Address your envelope to:

      INPM Tech Group
      Box 227475
      Dallas, TX 75222, USA

      If your publication is already listed, but you do not have good desription on our page, plase contact us from here:

      As I type this letter I'm praying for your service to the Lord. Amen.

      Your friendly Admin

      where prison ministries of the world fellowship

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