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  • Mary Lou Seymour
    OK, heres a reply from Steve. (the con FSP article on RR). ... Organization: trinWORDS To: smith2004-discuss@yahoogroups.com From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2003
      OK, heres a reply from Steve. (the con FSP article on RR).
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      Organization: trinWORDS
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      From: Steve Trinward <steve@...>
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      Subject: Re: [smith2004-discuss] RATIONAL REVIEW:
      Smackdown on the Free State
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      ML - I confess that (largely since I have no interest in moving
      anywhere, love Tennessee & Nashville in particular, and have other
      priorities here and now?) I have not spent much time perusing the
      site, or participating on discussion lists, etc., on this topic...

      Most of what I know or don't know comes from

      (a) a general impression of what I had seen about the project; and

      (b) the live presentation (by Jason and his colleague, whose name is
      somewhere in my LNC notes...) at the LNC meeting in D.C. last month
      (In which I raised most of these issues in the Q&A afterward, having
      just thought of each of them during said presentation.)

      I did not get what I considered satisfactory answers to my concerns at
      that time; I felt rather that those issues were not being addressed
      strongly enough in the presentation.

      Much in the same way as I did with my now year-old analyses of the
      Massachusetts electoral and initiative campaigns, I mostly wanted to
      show what at least one perspective on the FSP leads one to believe
      about it. I am delighted that at least some of my biggest concerns are
      being addressed, though I did not clearly get that impression from
      Jason (maybe part of it was that I was still waking up, due to the
      time change, and anticipating the long two days ahead at the LNC

      Thanks for clarifying this and correcting it; maybe it would be good
      to cross post that to the RR discussion area, so the record is set

      - Steve

      Mary Lou Seymour wrote:

      > BTW, Steve. your 4 "suggestions are already being done)
      > +Start by focusing on the relative context of Liberty already
      > +existing in
      > the various states, and not primarily on the relative size of their
      > population,.
      > Hell, we have 4 lists and a forum devoted to endless rehashing of
      > the liberty "orientation" ofthe 10 states
      > +Stop telling everyone how easy it will be to make this happen! You
      > present this as a simple matter of infiltrating with enough numbers
      > to make a significant impact on the electorate, but give little or
      > no weight to the fact that you'll also need folks who can (and are
      > willing to) run serious political campaigns, get elected, serve in
      > office (probably NOT at the upper levels of government,+ at least
      > not initially?)
      > But, but, you must not be reading any of the FSP lists or forums;
      > there is ENDLESS discussion of this.
      > +Don't try to pretend this will be an overnight success!
      > Who is acting like that? Remember, I don't see the "public
      > presentations" Jason or Elizabeth or anyone makes, I just see the
      > day to day organizing stuff. And believe me, no one thinks its gonna
      > be overnight.
      > +Spend some more time feeling out the existing freedom movements in
      > the potentially targeted states, and let the level of 'welcome mat"
      > in each of these have a major effect on the ultimate decision of
      > where to go.
      > Ha. Well, from the beginning, we have contacted all the state LPs,
      > and other in state organizations. The NHLP is VERY helpful. The WYLP
      > and IDLP have been fairly helpful. You're right, of course, but we
      > have done and are doing this since the beginning. Based on the
      > Libertarian Party response, frankly, I favor NH.
      > So, we're already doing and have been doing all the things you
      > mention...what worries me is, WHY didn't you KNOW that?
      > What are you basing your assumptions on? The website? A
      > presentation? (Clearly you don't read the lists or the forums).
      > To me, the problem becomes, WHAT do we need to do to make it plain
      > to people like you exactly what we're doing???
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