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Conversations With My Wife (fwd)

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  • Jason P Sorens
    Mike gave me permission to forward this. This may be of interest to those of you out there trying to persuade spouses. ;) ... Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 20:21:14
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2003
      Mike gave me permission to forward this. This may be of interest to those
      of you out there trying to persuade spouses. ;)

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      Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 20:21:14 -0500
      From: Mike Schwing <mschwing@...>
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      Subject: Conversations With My Wife

      Conversations With My Spouse,

      This is about how my wife and I came to see eye to eye on the Free State
      Project. It might help someone somewhere in a similar situation.

      Fell in love with a woman who described herself as a liberal. I didn’t
      really think she understood what a liberal was, because many of her ideas
      sounded Republican to me, even though most Republicans are more liberal than
      I’d prefer. I let it slide and chose to address the situation through
      descriptions of my own thoughts and ideas rather than words. I was, after
      all, crazy about her.

      Before we were married she had come to accept the fact that she was indeed
      not a liberal. Her university friends (she is a teacher) and her “Inside the
      Beltway (DC)” crowd had warped her peception so that she didn’t at all
      understand someone coming from the dreaded “right”, even though it was her
      direction after all. Still, there was reluctance to accept the change. She
      actually seemed to feel guilty about having right leaning ideas.

      No problem. A slight shift is better than no shift at all, and this was
      going to be a lifelong opportunity, so a long term outlook was adopted. Baby
      steps and all.

      After a year or so of marriage my lovely wife had come within a few baby
      steps of actually picking up a firearm, she voted for no Democrats in the
      last election cycle, and bemoaned the the Clintons and their ilk. She
      decided to withdraw from her Teacher’s Union. All this with no prodding,
      just carefully chosen words, exposure to talk radio, and emails of articles
      proving my points.

      But now this Free State thing, that was something else entirely. Moving to
      another place with a bunch of right wing nuts hell bent on freedom? Yikes!

      I had to deal with this carefully, and once again taking the long term
      approach, exposed her gradually. A chance guest hosting of Rush’s show by
      Walter Williams led the charge. She was captivated by him and his ideas, as
      am I every time I hear him. I told her that I have heard him talk about
      choosing a state and seceeding from The Union. I said he usually talks about
      doing it with Texas. She found the idea of secession a bit extreme. So I
      went with it and agreed. Over the course of the long drive I talked a bit
      about how it might not be so extreme to get a bunch of people to move to a
      state and get themselves elected to offices where they could minimize the
      extent of oppressive government intervention. I left it there for the

      She then received an email introducing her to freestateproject.org , from
      me of course. A few days later I asked her if she looked at it. “Mmmhhmmm,
      interesting, but sounds kind of crazy. I don’t know if I’m ready to move to
      a place like that. I told you when we got married that if you turned into a
      Montana militia whacko that I'm leaving.”

      “Aaahh..those Montana guys got a bad rap. But you wouldn’t want to move to a
      place where you’re more free to do what you want? Where you don’t have to
      work 1/3 of the year to pay your taxes? Where you’re free to protect
      yourself and your family and your property? Where you tell the feds to stay
      the heck out of your state?”

      “You scare me. It must take a lot of energy to be you.” Knowing this was
      not the hill to die on, I let it go.

      Over the next few months we would have the same kinds of conversations. I
      felt no better about it, and no worse, but since this was a long term thing,
      as long as we were talking about it, it was a positive sign.

      Then one night, while lying in bed reading, the subject, for some unknown or
      forgotten reason, came up…

      “Honey, you know I’d eat broken glass to live free. I hope I don’t have to
      go to The Free State without you.” It was time to let her know how serious I
      was about it.

      “Isn’t this a bit radical? What do you propose? To hijack the legislature
      and tell the government to bug off? How can you do that? What about your
      federal highway funds example? How will you drive on roads with potholes?”

      “First off – we’ll win the legislature, not hijack it. And those federal
      highway funds are just your dollars being sent back to you. We’ll put people
      in the Congress who will lobby to keep them in your pocket to begin with.
      Why would the feds needs to send us OUR money back to fix OUR roads? Doesn’t
      that sound like something we could do ourselves?”

      “Yeah, but what if they cut you off from trade?”

      “As I recall, the British did just that to the colonists, and a whole lot
      more. They survived. But we’re not talking about that, we’re just talking
      about moving to a place and working towards living a bit more freely. We’re
      mostly not anarchists (even though I’m leaning more and more that way). We
      have committed to work within the framework of The Constitution.”

      “You think this is going to happen overnight? How is that going to work?”

      “Honey, it might not happen in our lifetime. It might take 200 years.
      Wouldn’t you like to be there at the start? If we simply succeeded in making
      one or two things better while we’re on this Earth we’re ahead of where we
      are now. Good change can occur, and probably should occur, slowly. We simply
      cannot afford to be that radical anyway. Look at it from another perspective
      – lets say it is Wyoming. They have about 77,000 people in that state. Lets
      say ¾ of them vote. Heck, lets say 50,000 of them vote. Well, they might not
      all be so happy about our ideas, and if we don’t’ go slowly and within
      reasonable limits, they can band together and vote us right out of office,
      and we’re back to square one. We need to go slowly. In our lifetime we might
      not notice anything different about our project other than that fact that
      more freedom minded people are in our presence on a regular basis. We won’t
      know if we don’t try, and things certainly aren’t getting any better here.”

      “I don’t know. It seems like quitting on our state to move to another.”

      “Wait a minute Hon. Lets take Maryland and Virginia for example. We talk
      about it all of the time. Would you say Maryland is a state where the people
      are less free than Virginia?”


      “Right. They have right to carry. They pay less taxes. So they’re just a bit
      more free. Other than that if you drove across the line you wouldn’t notice
      a difference. If we moved there to avoid heavy taxes, and so I’d be able to
      stop carrying without worry, would you say that’s quitting and a cop out?”


      “OK, what if we moved further, say to Tennessee, because they have no income
      tax. Would that be cheating and a cop out?”


      “OK. Then what if I moved to Tennessee and then lobbied my local politicians
      to do away with a few freedom detracting laws, or I even ran for a local
      office. Would that be cheating or copping out?”

      “Of course not.”

      “Ok then. This is all I’m talking about. In a few years or so we’ll have
      chosen a state, and then we’ll begin making arrangements to move there,
      within 5 years or sooner. No matter what state it is, it’ll already be more
      free than we are here in Maryland, so we’ll already be ahead of the game.
      Unfortunately, it’ll also likely be colder, but I’m willing to endure that
      if it means freedom. The worst thing that could happen is that we don’t like
      it and we move again, but I doubt that’ll happen”

      “Or the black helicopters could rain fire down on us.”

      “Hey now you’re thinking like me!” (and I thought she didn’t listen)

      “Ok. You sold me. I’ll go with you.”

      “Goodnight hon. I love you.” Smooch, switch off the light.

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