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RE: [FSP] Anticipate the bandwagon effect.

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    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2002
      Sorry for the delay on my reply-but I just wanted to say: Watch it pardner-I IS an Amway distributor-even though it's called Quixtar now too. But seriously-you can do the ENTIRE business from HOME-a BIG PLUS if we get a state where we need that sort of business-<wink wink> :) Laura "Timothy Hansen" <nationwide_clyde@...> wrote:

      >OK, here's how I see it going down when we hit 20,000.
      >I see a few of you are concerned that there are signers that aren't
      >planning on moving.
      >Well, there's a 5-year timeframe for the move. Once the pinoeers get
      >the ball rolling and the first few thousand move in, any FSP fence-
      >sitters will have demonstrable proof of the movement's legitimacy,
      >and, their confidence bolstered, presumably make plans to follow.
      >There probably will be a few that back out at the last minute, but I
      >anticipate they'll be a small minority.
      >Besides, once we've got a state selected and 5,000 signers, I could
      >see enough concrete influence from those 5,000 to overshoot the
      >20,000 mark without too much difficulty...a "safety margin", if you
      >Remember, folks, this ain't Amway. This isn't Noah's Ark, either.
      >This is a volunteer-based effort, and the door never closes. No
      >fees, no doomsday ultimatums.
      >See you in the Free State,
      >Tim Hansen
      >FSP Media Coordinator - Wisconsin

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