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  • Jason P Sorens
    Guys-- Membership growth has been pretty listless over the last two weeks. We ve been averaging about 10 new members per day, as opposed to the 15-20 per day
    Message 1 of 114 , Nov 22, 2002

      Membership growth has been pretty listless over the last two weeks. We've
      been averaging about 10 new members per day, as opposed to the 15-20 per
      day we were getting in October and the early part of November. Our
      website visits dipped below 1000 yesterday, which is very rare for a

      So I just want to really encourage everyone to take Phil's
      Action-of-the-Week to heart. Between now and Wednesday, do mention the
      FSP to someone who might be sympathetic. If you can't think of anyone you
      know who doesn't already know about the FSP, try posting a short message
      on one of your Internet forums. Some of you volunteered to participate in
      specific e-mail groups a few weeks ago; now that you've been presumably
      participating for some time, it may be the right time to put in a plug for
      the FSP. Especially now that people are trying to regroup after the
      inevitable election disappointments.

      We've sort of being preoccupied with a lot of other things lately - the
      upcoming member mailing, the move away from cumulative count, moderation
      of this group, state research, the newsletter, bumper stickers, stamps,
      and other promotional items, and so on - so it's understandable why
      membership growth has been slowing. Let's get that snowball rolling


      Jason P Sorens---jason.sorens@...---http://pantheon.yale.edu/~jps35

      http://www.freestateproject.org - Do you want liberty in your lifetime?
    • voodootyke
      ... sheets of ... compared ... the roster. ... Crescent, ... Parma ... would it? ... If I ... addresses ... with me. ... another piece ... no sort of ...
      Message 114 of 114 , Nov 30, 2002
        --- In freestateproject@y..., Tim Condon <tim@f...> wrote:
        > > >Yes there is, Raven: All the votes will come in as printed
        sheets of
        > > >paper with a name and address; that name and address will be
        > > >to the FSP membership roster. You can't vote unless you're on
        the roster.
        > >
        > >But that wouldn't prevent me from signing up at "123 Chapelle
        > >Columbia, MD" and "719 St Peter's Road, Appleby, NY" and "872
        > >Drive, Norton, FL" and 50 other completely made up addresses,
        would it?
        > >And casting votes 'from' my false identities at those addresses?
        If I
        > >wanted to take a few minutes of effort, I could even make up
        > >which exist (zipcodes and all) but have nothing whatsoever to do
        with me.
        > >Comparing one piece of potentially false information against
        another piece
        > >of potentially false information supplied by the same person is
        no sort of
        > >validation....Confirming everyone's existence with a phonecall
        and/or by
        > >sending the vote to their stated address would at least make it
        > >to falsify - as a signature and the existence of an address are
        > >not. --RavenBlack
        > You're right Raven. We may well end up having to make a
        > thousand phone calls to confirm who's who. Jason and the board are
        going to
        > have to decide. ---Tim C.

        Phone calls? Dear lord, that borders on totalitarianism, or heaven
        forbid, the evils of zoning! Can't we just be trusting porcupines
        and hold cyber paws while we whisper all for one and one for all? ;-]
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